Seven movies I have seen at least ten times

I am one of those people who debates with herself whether it’s better to travel to just new places or it’s better to go back to places I loved. It’s a silly debate. One can ostensibly do both. Or so I thought. Then covid hit and travel became harder to do. I longed to go back to some lovely places I had been to before. I also longed for new adventures. I wish someone could just make random travel arrangements for me and I see what happens.

In terms of movies, I say I want to watch new movies. Or new television series. I have repeated noted that while I really enjoyed The Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix, I will never watched that movie again. Once is definitely enough when it comes to that movie.

Nonetheless, I have come to realize that I actually enjoy rewatching some television series and possibly catch some plot points I didn’t the first time around. I have also come to realize there are some movies I just can’t resist. And, they are pretty bad movies. Yet, I have watched them way too many times.

Dirty Dancing

Grosse Point Blank

Die Hard

Mission Impossible

Wedding Singer

Life as we know it

We’re the Millers

In reviewing this list of movies, I’ve come to realize that I like schmaltzy, action-packed, silly movies. I project this image of really liking dramas. Yet, these movies are far from them. I’m not too sure what this movie cluster means about who I am. Does it mean I’m an INTP? Does it mean I’m an ideator? Or according to Buzzfeed I’m gorgonzola cheese.

Maybe I’m an optimistic romantic. Yuck. No. It must mean something else.

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    Creativity is my Morning, Noon, Evening, Cup of Coffee
    True The Drug That’s Free That Never Goes Away
    Always to Be Found Uniquely Here 9.26.2021
    on Psychologist Mimi’s
    Home Page And
    On the Autism
    Spectrum Oh Lord
    i Do Love Every Day
    Routine Particularly if
    it Wears New Colors Each Day…
    ALWaYS NoW
    Let’s See We Have Something in
    Common i Haven’t Watched A Movie
    Since the ‘Joker’ Back in 2019 A Movie So
    Prophetic That ‘Take This Job and Shove It’
    To Society Was Then As Now It’s No Longer
    Such a Slave Driver Economy Now ‘Target’
    is Paying Living Wages and Sending
    Young Folks to College and
    Even Whataburger
    is Stapling
    Job Applications
    To Take-Out Bags…
    They Don’t Discriminate…
    Unemployed or CEO
    Each and Every
    one Gets a
    Job Offer hehe
    in Begging Ways for Real…
    WeLL It’s True That Doesn’t Bode
    Well for An American Public That Still
    Takes the Health Care Industry For Granted
    Until One Day They Say F You Go Back to
    Witch Doctor Days That’s why i continually
    Hone in my Free Shaman Skills with SMiLes
    True Ya Just Can’t Beat Free Stuff Give or Take it’s Free…
    -The Joker
    And Not
    The Fictional Character…
    The Trickster The Sacred
    Clown The Holy Fool The Shaman
    So Many Metaphors For the Archetype of me me me…
    HE HE
    HE HE
    HE HE
    Hexagonally So
    Yes Buy one
    Get Five Free!
    6, i am A Real American Dream…
    In The Sense i Never Give Up on An Aim…
    Not Really Goals Just Aims As For 8 Years
    my Creativity Wasn’t Even Accepted on A Place
    Built For the ‘Neurodiverse’ Called The ‘Wrong Planet’
    As It’s True There Are Very Left Brained Verbal Autistic
    Folks Who Are Very Systemizing in STEM Majors As Such
    Yet That Only Comprises About 33 Percent of Higher Functioning
    Autistic Folks Who are Studied As There is Nothing Much More than
    Original Creativity That Will Set One Away from ‘The Norm’ In Reciprocal
    Social Communication too With Extreme Focus Particularly Those SomewHere
    ‘Co-Morbid’ on the Bi-Polar Spectrum too in my Case Able to Regulate Emotions
    And Integrate Senses Enough In Both Spectrums to Stay in Balance Climbing A Tight
    Rope in Autotelic
    Wu Wei Tao Flow
    Effortless Non-Knowing
    Ease See What i Mean CHI Not
    Everyone Has the Same Contexts
    of Do In Life Anyway i Was Shunned
    Bullied With All Kinds of Pecking Orders
    of Discrimination Like Their Social Deficit
    Was Better Than My Reciprocal Social Communication
    Difficulty No Different Really Than Cajun’s Who Discriminate
    Against Black Folks Who Both Struggle in Socio-Economic Ways…
    My Cajun Ancestors Raised on a Farm in North Florida Still Relate
    This Sad Human Ignorance Discriminating This Way Like The Catholics
    And The Protestants This Human Competition So Ignorant of What Lies underneath
    The SKiN
    And Tells the
    Truth of Agape LoVE LiGHT…
    So Anyway Recently one
    Nice Wrong Planet Inhabitant
    Online in An Incident Where Folks
    Were Saying i Just Didn’t Make Any Sense to
    Them Said When He Was Manic Everything i Say
    is Clear and Intelligible And Worth Understanding
    In that Expansive State of Consciousness That is
    Really Just Transient Hypo-Frontality That Expands
    Our Human Creative Potentials As Long As A Person
    Can get Back to the Cognitive Executive Functioning
    Life Requires to LiVE iN A (Matrix) Society That Is Built Around
    The Neo-Cortex now of the Metaphor of Left Brain Thinking
    That is More Mechanical Cognition Than Social Empathic
    Artistic Emotional Spiritual Real Cognition too in Just An Alternate
    Way of Perceiving And Doing Life That is A Real Way to Autotelic Flow
    Of Bliss
    Now And
    Nirvana Within
    Well Anyway Not
    Unlike ‘Neo’ i Wanted
    To Give Back to the ‘Matrix’
    Just to Reveal What it looks
    like in Figurative Words A Small
    Part of this Alternate Reality i Inhabit
    Hehe as After 8 Years of Getting Banned
    And Deleted They Finally Let me have just
    One Thread to Spread my Fred Head Haha
    And Now After Close to A Million Words in
    13 Months of “Depth of the Story” A Number
    One Hit on Google Search Now With Quotes
    Today Precisely Now in A Place Where Folks Shunned
    me and Called Me All Kinds of Pejorative Names Associated
    That Thread
    Today NoW
    Accumulates 66,006
    Views As i Do Love 6’s
    That Tri-Pair Like my
    Birthday 060660
    ACausal Connecting
    Only Psychologically
    Meaningful to me yet it’s
    True It’s Possible to Love it All
    And Make Every Symbol And Every
    Part of Nature Loving All Just The Whole
    Existence NoW AGaPE
    For Real
    of More
    Than Just
    A 3 Letter
    Small Word…
    Thanks For the Free
    Rental Space to Write in
    New York, New York, HAha
    Wait till ‘They’ Get A Load of
    me Somewhere Where People
    Actually Understand me With SMiLes
    As Every View on that Site Counted
    is Limited to the Members of the Site…
    It Seems ‘They’ Forget That Not Every
    Autistic Person Talks or Writes Much
    Some Just Watch And Understand
    More About this Existence Than
    Anyone Will EVER
    Chess i
    Solo Generating
    ‘The Game From Within’…
    Alice or Fred The Cheshire Cat
    SMiLe Remains Next on Tap For my Movie
    Going ‘Matrix 4’ This Christmas Season
    Opening on 12.22.21 Yet i’ve Seen the
    Beginning The Ending Finishing Starting Always New…
    Like the ‘Dormouse’ Sings “Feed my Head, Feed my Head”…
    Indeed Thanks For the Morning Coffee Reliable Muse So Gold in A NeWeR AGE..:)


  2. I haven’t seen any new movies in years. We just see some old favorites when they happen to come on the TV randomly. Same goes for re-reading favorite books, though I do get new ones sometimes. 🙂


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