At Milan, turn left

Dreams dreams, and dreams. Swaying palm trees and dancing spaceship rockets. Dreams are all the rage these days. A strange interconnection amongst us all.

Last night I had a dream where the gatekeeper repeatedly said “at Milan, turn left”. In my dream, I did not reach Milan. Although, I don’t really know at which Milan I was to turn left. I looked forward to reaching said place and seeing what came thereafter. The destination just being one part of the journey and adventure.

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  1. Oh Lord i Will Relate
    ‘They’ Asked me What
    Would i Like For my Last

    Supper in the Dream
    Before the End and

    i Said Don’t Stop

    In Milan

    Is Just So OLD

    In Hell i Dreamed
    Of A House That Turned
    into a Mansion With Many
    Rooms And Extending Buildings

    A Forest And A Distant Creek of
    Paradise Was Included i Yelled

    Let’s Go

    iN Hell

    And Lorde
    Here i AM
    With All This
    Free Solar Power..:)


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