Your story can be someone else’s survival guide

It’s late at night and I’m staring at the sanitation trucks picking up recyling bins and moving stuff about. The city truly never sleeps. There’s round the clock fun, trouble and caution. New York’s vibrancy was a bit dampened. However, I digress. Back to the sanitation trucks. I stared at the workers and thought of how one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. As such New York is know the maximum venue for dumpster diving. Seeking your own version of gold and jewels.

In thinking about garbage and self enriching, I remembered how powerful our life stories and lived experiences can be. What we have gone through, if willing to share, can be a survival guide for some. It can be inspirational or it can just outright be a blueprint or roadmap.

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  1. Story is the Backbone of Culture
    As Words Both Oral And Written

    Come to Spread What Works Best
    And Not So Best From Before Yet

    Sadly Spreads What Works Worst
    And Even Worse From Years Before

    Truly Anything May

    Come What

    May And Go When
    Human iMaGiNaTioN
    And Creativity Holds Hands

    In Rarified Abstract Constructs We
    Create Before And Now Again to Sweep
    Away Old Stories And Affirm Them Now too

    So False

    or True



    As Grains of Sand
    FootPrints to Create
    Old or New Next So Where

    Will We Go True i’ll Try to Relate
    Where i am Now And Where i’ve Been

    Yet Ever Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love

    Is Another Potential Story Greater to Take

    Than What’s Ever Been Danced And Sung

    For me Than Ever Before And This is what

    Is So Sad About Covers Of Books Both

    Front and Back For They Attempt

    To Begin and End A Never

    Ending Beginning

    Story Now

    Of Eternal
    Breath Changing

    EverMore As Peace
    Inhales Love Fearlessly

    More To Dance And Sing Who We aRe NoW..:)


  2. Indeed ― this is why I did that whole series of posts on my ruptured cerebral aneurysm last year. It could literally be a survival guide if someone reads it and remembers it later, when they need it …


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