The year 2022 is in less than four months away

It’s coming! Time to open the champagne bottles and make new year’s resolutions. As we look ahead, there’s not much time left to this year. And, I truly believe most of us are bewildered and befuddled by this year. It started off oddly but with some hope bubbles floating about.

Winter ended, spring came. And, we tried to roar back. Flowers bloomed. We started to hug again. Yet, kids still weren’t in schools and summer came and went.

Autumn is here knocking at our doors. Took out my plaid dress and am ready to drink pumpkin lattes.

Yet where will this year end? We’ve been through the fire. We want both a sense of calm as well as a sense of excitement. The new year is way unknown to us all. But we can also drive this future.

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  1. SMiLes As the Fall Monarch Migrates
    Away From Coming Frosts Birds And

    Bees Still Doing Their Job Leaves

    Still Falling to Fertilize New

    Sapling Spring Trees

    The Rest of Nature

    Dances and Sings

    While Sadly Some Parts

    of Humanity Have Taken Up

    Tools oF iGNoRaNCE That Shoot
    Themselves in Feats of Stumbling Away

    From All Our Human Potentials Still To Come

    True What Stumbles Does Pass Away What
    Stands to Reason is What’s Free And Safe For

    All to Dance And
    Sing Birds With
    Wings Fur Still
    Climbing Trees

    And Birds Will

    Continue to Migrate
    And Do What it Take
    To Remain Safe and Free…

    Now If Human Will Only Follow
    the Play And Clean Up Their Acts
    To Be Safe and Free As Wings And Fur Still Do

    Forgetting All Of Human Ignorance Never Taking Up Human
    Arms At All that Harm, Rape, Maim, And Kill Only For Contrived Greed…

    Enjoy Your Pumpkin Latte And Keep Smiling With Your Fall Plaid Dress On Free…

    At Least New
    York, New


    Cares Enough
    To Set Themselves
    Free in Safety Plays With Loving Life..:)


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