Death popped into my thoughts

These days we hear about deaths everyday. For example, there’s a daily ticker scrolling on our television newscable shows of how many have died from covid. We seemingly cannot escape the concept of death. Maybe that is partly why people appear so jumpy these days. I know, I myself am startled by people at random times. That could just be feeling overworked and zoning out a bit.

With all that is going on, it is no wonder that I had an eerie day this past week when death kept popping into my mind and consciousness.

I woke up and got myself ready just like any other day. As I walked to work, all of a sudden, I started thinking of a past friend who just suddenly died. His heart just stopped. He was young. That death in that particular year (4 years ago) just so happened to be one of several I had experience that year. Anyway. After his death popped into my head startling me, I received a text from a friend on a piece he wrote about watching friends die during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This article hit me hard on the heels of my random remembrance of a friend who had gone too soon. Then I arrive to work and receive news that a colleague of mine on special program had been murdered the night before.

Yikes. I felt like a tidal wave had hit me. They say things come in three. I believe that. However, I don’t know why I suffered through this tidal wave. It seems too trite to say it was meant to put me on alert as to how short life is. That I need to make key decisions for happiness and connections. Or maybe its just a reflection of times we live in with so much death around us.

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  1. When The Startle Response Becomes
    Exaggerated It’s A Potential Sign of

    An Eventual Decline Toward

    “General Adaptation
    Syndrome” As Stress

    Becomes Cumulative
    As Stress Hormones

    Steadily Slowly Destroy
    All Bodily Systems As Such

    Like Acid That Builds Up in
    The Blood Stream Over Years
    And Perhaps Even Decades too…

    Re-Creation Necessary As Pandemics
    Make Respite So Much More Difficult
    In Spite of All the New DarK Challenges

    That Seem to Never End
    And the Health Care

    System is Most


    The Pit of the
    Fire of Unrelenting Stress…
    Yet True A Restaurant Without

    Enough Employees Will Come in
    Somewhere in the Top 10 too as

    Managers Work continually 70 to 80
    Hour Weeks to Rise Above the Surface
    Of The Ocean As Employees No Longer

    Show Up So Hard to Find All that’s Left
    Is For the Top to Do the Bottom As Well

    To Keep the Whole Ship of Business
    From Sinking Now True Meanwhile

    The Mexican Roofers Across the
    Street At Least One Named
    ‘Jesus’ Are Listening Now
    To The Mexican AM
    Radio Station Coming

    In A Van From Texas
    That Looks Very Much
    Like the Ones From the
    Late 70’s With That Used
    Van Vinyl Smell Yards From
    The Van Never the Less These

    Folks Ain’t Sitting Still Behind A
    Desk They Are Dancing to A Forage
    Of A Job That Continually Moves Differently
    Only Real Danger Is Not Using A Safety Harness

    On A Roof Yet Birds Rarely Fall From the Sky and
    Monkeys Rarely From Trees Until They Fall Ill and

    Die As They LiVE iN Animal Homeostasis Balancing

    As They Live Life Foraging As Continual Re-Creation
    in Balance Where Fight or Flight is Only Used for Real

    Life or Death


    In Life…

    Oh Yeah, When
    Everything Starts
    Reminded Ya About
    Death That is Another
    Sign of General Adaptation
    Syndrome too Just another

    Warning Sign From Our Subconscious
    Mind As Evolved to Get Away And Start Living now

    Or Face the
    of Waves
    That Simply
    Rise and or Fall

    As Tides Go in And Out

    Thing is They Keep Moving

    Never Trapped Sitting Still Behind

    Screams of Screens That Never SHUT-UP…

    Anyway i Was pretty close to Your Age when
    i Started Experiencing these Symptoms out
    of 11 Years of Chronic to the Last 2 Years
    of Acute Continuous Work Related Stress

    About A Year After That Everything

    About Life Underneath my

    Skin Went


    Yet of Course on
    The Autism Spectrum
    With Bi-Polar Disorder
    Non-Specified i Was Just

    An Early Warning System
    As Such Just Another Canary

    In A Coal Mine You May Be Much
    More Naturally Resilient than me
    Then As i Had PRACTICALLY NO


    A Cat Will Scratch
    Now And Bite when
    IT gets overstimulated
    By Environmental Stress…

    i Had No Teeth or Claws then…

    i Grew Some And Now Everything Is Alright Balancing…
    Yet the Practice Never Ends for Animal Homeostasis…

    Yeah, i Remember Riding Down the Road then As the

    For It’s True There is Positive And Negative Synchronicity too…

    All For Signs
    to Marry The
    Night And Merry The Day..:)

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  2. I am so sorry to hear about all of your losses. I think the concept of death can hit us at any time and we start to realize that the transient nature of life really is very fragile. Sending strength and hugs.

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