Of course its about the psychology of it

I watched a newscaster ask a journalist, “aren’t we at the point where we need to understand tbe psychology of it”? She was referring to the Covid pandemic. I just wanted to throw my paper in hand at the television but what good would that have done? Let me answer her question. Of course!

This pandemic, any illness, is impacted by the “psychological” aspects of it. In public health we talk about the three As: Availability, Accessibility, and acceptability. Psychology impacts all three As, but in particular “acceptability”. Maybe we would be further along regarding many public health initiatives if we remembered people bring their thoughts, fears, childhood background and norms to any situation and decision. We have to meet people where they are at and address the psychology of it all head on.

There. That’s all I had to say today.

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  1. i’ve Taken A Rather
    Large Photo of
    The Human
    Condition For
    61 Years, 2 Months,
    And 18 Days; Particularly

    It in Pain Staking

    Detail The Last

    8 Years What

    i Find is
    Are Play Dough
    There Are No


    To The
    Or Nightmares
    We Will Create
    Next As Long As
    We Hold Hands
    In Church And State…

    The Church
    Is The

    8 Card
    And No
    Matter What
    Form It Comes
    In There Is No


    It; Ironically
    i Find Every
    Avoiding it

    Like The Plague

    The Obvious
    8000 Pound


    Like “Big
    Foot” Doesn’t Exist…

    When The Problem
    Is Off Limits

    We FAiL
    Simple As This…

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