Here it is: Happy 13th Birthday my dear son and overall light

This is a most special day. Here comes the sun after a rainstorm hit the east coast. Here is my baby’s 13th birthday. He is officially a teenager. An oddball of sunshine.

Oh my god. I cannot believe I just wrote that he is now 13 years old. I honestly am taken aback by how quickly it has passed. I can still remember him on the changing table wiggling to Cold Play’s Viva La Vida. He used to rule the world. He still does.

As a mom I have to figure out how I keep letting him grow into hiw own, while I still want to reminisce about him crawling on the floor. All his firsts. So much meaning to them.


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  1. Happy Birth-day mom! It does seem our children’s birth should be our own celebration of not only the travails of giving birth but a celebration that they managed to stay alive under our parenting, flawed and beautiful as it has been through the years. But Happy Birthday to your son, too. 😊


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