Of all the money we spend, It’s free to be kind

I have a public announcement to make. I like to make pronouncements as it is fun to do so. However, I do take it seriously. Take this as it is meant to be taken. This is just a motto to live by.

Of all the money we spend, It’s free to be kind

Many people, according to social media, are not so kind anymore. Perhaps they never were. Covid allowed the “nasties” to come out. People are utilizing the fogginess of the moment to shroud their horrible nature. Don’t be fooled and don’t stoop to their level. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

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  1. Kindness
    SuN NoW
    Storm Clouds”
    At Least
    One World Within
    From A Current
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Pandemic Still Generating
    Lost From
    Sunshine SMiles🪴


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