Cancelling my trip for it was not meant to be

All through spring, I had been looking forward to travelling again. I had a ton of accumulated vacation time and sadly what is worded as “use or lose” time. Considering that Americans are notorious for not taking time off or not even having time off in certain positions, I am befuddled by the use or lose vacation day concept. I earned that time and more. I should be able to use it when I mentally or physically need not. It should not be that I have to use it by a certain randomly set date. It is truly one of the worst workplace policies ever. But I digress.

I had been looking forward taking my vacation days. Additionally, my son earned a celebratory trip – or so he claimed. We were packed and then I came to realize this trip was not meant to be. The covid (delta variant) surge made me a bit apprehensive. And then. Then, I got a pinched nerve in my neck radiating down my arm. The pinched nerve came from extreme stress that the powers that be can’t even begin to comprehend. Nor do they wish to. Anazing how some people wish to stay in the dark when it comes to sympathy and empathy. They are empty vessels that somehow inflict pain onto others with no regard for anyone but themselves.

Anyway, I digress.

I am a very superstitious person. When I receive signs, I listen to them. Too many signs came to me and I canceled my trip with great sorrow. I needed the trip. My mind craved it. But it was not meant to be. Sometimes, we just have to accept where things fall on the continuum of possibilities.

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  1. Oh My Gosh i Love
    To Hear About Your
    Trips As i Never
    Get to Go on
    Any So Sad
    For You Your
    Plans Did Not
    Work Out True
    Though You Surely
    Wanna Avoid Places
    WHO Act Like
    The Pandemic
    Never Happened
    Until Their
    Peers Are
    Dying Now
    Sadly There
    Are Many Empty
    Shells on The Beach
    Here too
    Sadly Sadly Yet
    Love Takes Better Care
    The Living
    Sea Creature
    Unafraid Truly
    To BREaTHE Free🐚🌈🪴


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