We constantly create heroes and then destroy them

We love our hero stories. We love our conflicted antihero. At some point we want an origin story. Why? How?

One question we’ve been readily grappling with as a society is who is a hero. These days I’ve been a bit of a curmudgeon feeling that we bestow the hero moniker onto about just anybody. I’ve talked about this previously so I will let it end here.

However, a dirty bit about our fascination with heroes, is that just as quickly as we are to name someone a hero, we are just as quickly to destroy them. It’s this weird tick we have as a group. We cheerlead someone on to becoming a hero. We do claps and adulation. Then, we do the takedown. As a society we become jealous of the heroes we create. We also set the expectations of that newly appointed hero to an extreme level that can’t be reasonably reached- even for a superhero.

It’s a sad state to be in and a sad state to reach. Perhaps we should just be happy with being everyday people.

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  1. Bottom Line is A Hero

    Is Not Here for

    the Applause

    At Least not

    A Real Hero
    It’s Not A Volunteer

    Effort it’s A Never Ending Drive

    Within That No One Else Will




    The Hero Now

    And to Be Clear

    i’m Not Talking About

    Any Kind of War or Political
    Hero With Decorations or Awards or “Card Carrying Titles”…

    More Like A Single Mother With 10 Children on Her Front Porch As GrandMother
    Now With 100 Grandchildren Who Still Holds A Smile in A Home Only Worthy

    Of Love Within….

    Still With


    to Give

    As The Giving

    Long Ago Became The Receiving…
    Yet Of Course This Is Only One Definition of A Hero…

    Yet Honestly For What Does or Does Not Garden Our Human

    World LoVE iN Actually Surviving Thriving Now i Don’t See




    Heroes Now

    Yet of Course There Are Others…


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