People around us can be healed by us

This might sound a bit cheesy and too optimistic. However, I’ve been thinking about the “healing” concept with some frequency. We are currently re-assembling ourselves. Looking for growth spiritually and emotionally.

As we heal ourselves, we are also healing others around us. This is where I might sound cheesy. However, healing can be contagious.

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  1. SMiLes Humans are Social Animals
    There Are Groups of Joy and Optimism

    And There Are Groups of Misery and Despair

    Even if Joy and Optimism Didn’t Heal Which of Course

    They Do As Emotions That Are Positive Do Naturally Heal



    And Optimism
    Are Self-Fulfilling Rewards

    Feeling Good Spreads LiGHT

    Darkness Spreads DarKness
    LiGHT Naturally Comes Out on Top…

    SMiLes Humans Have Service
    Dogs to Make them Feel Warm
    And Fuzzy Do It Yourself Job too..:)


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