Take your time off: It belongs to you

“An upcoming vacation gives us something to eagerly anticipate.” -Jaime Kurtz

This past weekend, I finally got my act together. I sat down and started planning vacations. Yes, multiple ones. I have use or lose days and I am of the firm belief that those earned vacation days are truly earned. You need to take them as they do belong to you.

I have subscribed to this sentiment but often, as many Americans, I have not taken vacation. I kept working and working. Even on vacation I have checked in on work.

However, I am at a point in my life where I know I earned and deserve a vacation. And, those around me will be happy when I take one.

I will leave you with this food for thought.

“Don’t pick a job with great vacation time.  Pick one that doesn’t need escaping.”

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  1. Yes Staycation
    Job Worth Doing
    For Truly Being Free
    Love Gives More When
    A Cross Unless
    It’s Not Human Of Course
    And True Heaven is
    Greater Experienced
    Alive Than
    Dead Go
    Half the
    World Disagrees
    And More often
    A Frown
    In Church
    While i Dance
    A Slow Dance of
    Ecstasy Within Music
    Eternally Now
    Yet to Make
    LoVE Now🎼
    Happy Vacation
    Dear Hope One
    Come to Stay
    For At Least
    You Understand
    Where You Currently
    Are Nice to See Your
    Plans For Lifting Your
    Off Your
    Love For Life
    Honestly Best
    Gift For All Concerned 🏝


  2. For me vacation is a state of mind more than an actual event. I have been on “vacations” that seemed more like work than work. I find it’s important to find ways to detox from habitual schedules, even for short times. as opposed to suffering while waiting for that next “vacation.” Great post!


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