Shiny happy people: If only

I used to love R.E.M. – the band.  The one that dominated college radio for a while. They had some good serious songs. Then one day, they released one of the silliest songs ever called Shiny Happy People.

Shiny happy people holding hands
Shiny happy people holding hands
Shiny happy people laughing

I woke up thinking of this song the other morning as I was pondering the concept of unraveling and readjusting after the covid year we all experienced. Who are we now and where are we headed?

With crime rates spiking and an all-time need for therapists (though there is a dearth of mental health resources), people’s placement on a so-called happiness spectrum must vary tremendously day to day.

Anxiety appears to be at an all time high. Different sets of new worries are all the rage. People are in deep contemplation as to how to move forward. Many want new jobs, new places to live or just an abstract sense of newness that may be hard to attain.

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  1. “Shiny Happy People” Oh God Yes Devil No Yes
    Alas Life is a Rorschach Test Fascinating
    Reading the YouTube Comments Some

    Folks Finding Darker ‘R.E.M.’


    Of the Song

    Some Just

    Uplifting With

    Glee for No Reason At All

    True Some Children Are Born With

    A Smile Others With A Frown So Many

    Naturing And Nurturing Variables At Play

    Some LiVE iN

    Heaven For

    No Reason At

    All Others in Hell

    For No Reason At All

    Deep Within Sun That Never
    Quits Shining or Moon That Never
    Fails to Go Farther Than New And Totally Dark

    And Some of Us Are Blessed Twice Once Bitten
    By Joy Then Despair Then Reborn Joy Again

    And Even More

    Some Days

    Just For



    At All Like A Gift
    That Changes Its
    Soul to Be a Curse

    In a ‘New York Minute’ too…

    Honestly in the ‘Dark Place’ ‘That Song’

    Hurts So Much Honestly in the ‘Light Place’

    Oh Just One More Dance Even Higher Than ‘Fore

    Shiny Happy People i Used to Listen to “Earth Wind And

    Fire” Pondering How i Came Out of A Darkest Place Then Just
    Wanting to Stay Playing in the Greater Place i’d Listen to the Song

    “Woke Up Sunday Morning” That Came On Right After “After the Love
    Is Gone” on the “I AM” Album As That Was the Song that Played on the
    Dance Floor When my First Love Said All of the Sudden She Was Going
    Away When i had No Reason Why that Happened It felt so Cruel As If it Was

    Almost Like ‘They’

    Made that Song

    Just for that

    Moment in

    my Life


    i Wanted to
    Feel Darkness Again
    From the Light in Nostalgia
    For Decades All i had to do
    Was play that Song Again in
    Relief of Not Being in Such A
    Sad Place Then in Victory that if ‘She’
    Didn’t Tell me She Was Going Away i wouldn’t

    Have met An Angel who Was Strong Enough
    to Stay with me in Hell for 66 Months Anyway
    The Earth Wind And Fire Song is Actually Named
    “Let Your Feelings Show” And On Sunday Mornings
    Before Singing in The Church Choir i Would Play it
    After the Ebb of “After the Love Is Gone” And i remember

    The Day A Young Woman in the Choir Said i Just Have
    to Cover my Face as Your Face is Just too Bright of Course
    She Struggled With Depression And My Face Hurt Her Just like

    The Shine of my Mother’s Face at Age 75 When i Was 47 in the Darkest
    Part of Hell in Pain and Numb Where Happiness of Others So Far Away
    And Lost From That place Felt Like Stakes in A Vampire Soul Dead With

    Not Even

    A Bite

    of Death

    Left in Life

    “Let Your Feelings Show”

    Working For the Military for
    25 Years i had to Find A way
    to Hide the Shine to Survive

    Going To School With A Smile
    That Was’t Welcome in Trump Town
    USA in the 70’s i Was told Shine Wasn’t
    Allowed At All at Threat of Violence Losing

    Effective Use of Eyes and Ears Having to Wear
    Shades And Eventually A Mask Over A Smile Then

    i had Already Made The Effective Adjustment of Dance
    to Smile every where i go True Let Your Feelings Show

    For me at least

    is life



    Still Now

    The Cause of Most

    Disease Folks Who Do Not

    Let Their Feelings Show Freely

    From DarK To LiGHT for Repressing

    Genuine Authentic Emotions is Repressing
    our Very Breath that makes Life worth living

    Shiny Happy People Shiny Happy People
    Enjoy it While They Can And Will rare indeed it is

    And A Pandemic Provides A Space for Introspection

    Where Folks Decide Life is Maybe Actually Worth Breathing

    True They May Never Go Back to ‘That Job’ as A Cog in a Machine

    True They May Move Away to Another Country/State/Town/Place Within
    to Find A Greater Way

    of Freedom

    True Change

    is Possible


    And The

    Factory For Cogs
    Working in a Machine
    May always Be Short of ‘Parts’ Now…

    Dark Teaches Great Lessons When We Look
    Deep Enough Within And Truly Let our Feelings Show…

    And It’s True Too When We Find a Place That is Complete
    And Enough Within Giving Sharing Caring Freely Paramounts

    Any Disgust

    of the


    That Chews

    The Only Home

    We May Ever Treasure

    As Heaven Now Away

    to the Disgust

    of those



    Yet to
    Learn to
    BREaTHE Free
    in Real Victory of Loving
    This Breath Now for Free
    Where Feelings Are No
    Longer Bought And Sold For Paper Dreams


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