Being grounded

I am a fairly adaptable person. Have always needed to be. I’ve lived abroad. I’ve lived at boarding school. I’ve lived in cities that were hard to get around considering that I can’t drive. I’ve worked in toxic environments. I’ve worked in very mission-minded positions. All this to say that I have had to be flexible if I wanted to maintain my sanity.

Now being flexible is not necessarily the same as being grounded. However, for me they have gone hand-in-hand. And, for many it has been quite noticeable. I often receive accolades for being so grounded considering my roles as a “boss” or speaker.

I don’t quite understand what people mean when they note I’m grounded. I do know I try to be humble and remember my journey.

Sometimes, though, when I’m up high I look down and wonder about groundedness and how it is important. Whatever it is, I do hope I maintain that quality forever more.

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  1. Considering That Sky is Above

    And Ground Is Below

    Grounded People

    May Start

    At The


    Level Below

    True To See Mountain

    Height Valley Low is Whole

    Complete Enough No One Stands

    To Take Anything Away From Within

    At least This Way Ah Yes How Blessed

    The Outcasts Will

    Be Marveling

    At A Grand

    Of Sand


    Entire Beach

    Forest Living Tree
    Feeding Trees NoW And Then

    Again Life BREaTHES At Core

    We See Our Breath As Limitless Life Now
    And Of Course Breaths of The Rest of Existence
    True Mountain High Valley Low Already Arriving This is HoME NoW..;)


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