Seeing through the fog

Nowadays everyone knows about gaslighting. It seems to have become a national sport in which everyone participates one way or the other. What was just said, wasn’t really said. Your ears must be clogged up. What you just saw, didn’t really happen. Your eyes must be cloudy.

Speaking of cloudy eyes, my vision took both an upwards and downwards trajectory. By 5pm, when I am wearing my contact lens, my eyes just can’t seem to focus. Yet, overall my vision is better so I was recently told.

Because of covid it has been so hard this past year seeing through my foggy lens. Rather late into the pandemic, I discovered there’s such an item as a declogger. You spray it on your lens and supposedly you fog up less.

Now, at this point in time, I can see through the fog. Obviously, I am speaking more abstractly about life and the surrounding fuzziness. I can more clearly now see people for the charade that they are. I can see more clearly some of the paths before me. Although, nothing is really clear and simple anymore. Even with a plain dish, I can get anaphylaxis if someone had just touched shellfish. Yes, I mixed up the whole story here.

Bottom line. Get an anti-fogger and be weary of even some of the simple things. Too ominous? Shrug.

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  1. So maybe the fact that my glasses would fog up whenever I wore a mask is symbolic of the fogginess of life in the time of COVID. But then again all I really needed was a tighter fitting mask.


  2. Just A Suggestion
    Had the Same Issue
    When i Was Your Age
    Having issues Focusing
    Late in The Day Wearing

    Contact Lens
    Come to Find
    Out Later When
    The Condition Became
    Severe i Developed Dry

    Eye Syndrome And Eventually
    The Autoimmune Disease Sjogren’s
    Syndrome Associated With 11 Years
    Of Chronic To Acute Work Related
    Stress Yep A Total Of 19 Disorders
    For my Inability to Say no to the

    Slow Frog Boil Not Only Did my

    Eyes Quit Making Tears

    The Sjogren’s Syndrome
    Attacked The Nerves In

    My Feet ThT Wasn’t Diagnosed
    Until Years Later After 2006 When

    We were in The Theater

    Watching The Movie

    “Happy Feet” The
    Penguin Version of
    “Foot Loose” And

    The Pain Was So Excruciating

    i Couldn’t Bear To Touch The
    Theater Floor And The Words
    Happy And Joy Had Lost

    All Meaning to

    me that is Actually

    A Very First Harbinger

    We Need to Move to a
    Different Life When There
    Is No Sanctity of Happiness

    Or Joy…

    In Wars
    Of Merit At

    Least On Memorial

    Day Weekend We Stand
    Upon The Blood And Bones
    Of Those Who Died For Our

    Freedoms To Say No To
    State And Church And Work
    That Otherwise Takes

    Our Lives Liberties
    And Pursuit



    “Happy Feet” Away
    If Anyone Wrote me
    This Poem Then Would
    i Have Changed A Thing


    Not i
    Was Way
    Too Afraid And Weak

    As Many People Are
    Today That Explains Why
    After The Pandemic Break

    Some Folks Aren’t
    Going Back To Jobs
    Where They Were


    Less Than

    Human As only

    A Frigging Cog in A Machine

    To Be Clear i Am No Doctor


    A “Liver”
    In “A Love Story”
    Of A Life Finally Breathing Free🍃


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