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Cruella: Happy accidents can change your whole life

At first my 12 year old son didn’t want to watch Cruella. I was just excited to watch a new movie. Life returning to normal. I convinced him by saying this was an origin story. He tends to like those. Although, he noted that cruella was not a super interesting villain for modern times.

There were a few take home messages. Accidents may be predetermined and not coincidental. One being that normal is the cruelest thing to note about someone. Nine minute naps can be useful to maintaining one’s snarkiness. Karma can ricochet.

I can tell you that my son found the baroness to be the truly evil one. And that cruella’s wickedness was meant to right a family wrong.

Well acted and good music made my first post-covid movie enough to make me remember the good old days.

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  1. Aww… So Happy
    You Are Finally

    To Normality
    Of Joy in Theater

    Reviews Out of
    Only Home Entertainment

    And Yes The Symbolism

    Of Cruella’s Hair Do

    Black And White




    Church Isn’t

    Always Holy

    And More


    A Dance Hall
    Is Same With


    Opposed To
    Nature Truly
    Wholey Sacred Now😎


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