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The courage to heal

Look, many have been hurt this past year. Hurt physically, mentally and spiritually. Sometimes due to just the worldwide pandemic itself and other times due to interpersonal consequences of the chaos.

Now is the time for healing. It can be hard. What balm will soothe your pain? There is no quick answer or solution. You may have to search and search. Dig down deep. Talk to others. Write it out. Dance around. But do try to heal.

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  1. SMiles PM All i’ve
    Ever Lost in Life
    Teaches me

    To Love more

    Yet i Am
    Kinda A

    Cup Over

    Dude Inherited

    That From my

    Mother Most it Seems

    She’s Dead too Yet

    Not Really As



    Still Breathes

    Through my Words
    Yep Lots of People


    See it

    As Too

    Sticky And
    Sweet to Be
    Real too Never

    The Less When The
    Neighborhood Kids
    Got Sad They Came

    To Pour it
    Out on



    She Was Their
    Mama Yes The

    Tradition Continues…


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