I shouldn’t have run for the plane

I used to travel a lot. I traveled light and always on time. Only missed one flight in my time and it was due to a horrible highway accident in Atlanta which already has very bad traffic. Otherwise, I make my flights. I don’t want to fret and worry about missing a flight and all the logistics that are involved thereafter.

It is not to say, I don’t occasionally nearly miss a flight. There was this one time where I wished I hadn’t rushed abd barely made the flight.

We were flying out of Las Vegas returning to New York. For sone reason, we came within seconds of missing the flight. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right? Anyway, we made it onto the flight. It was fairly uneventful until we hit Minnesota. It took a northern route and we started hitting turbulence. Then we were in New York airspace and the turbulence was enough to scare the flight attendants. When they are scared, I’m scared. Then the plane precipitously dropped more than 10,000 feet. And, it then tried to land and couldn’t. It tried three more times. One flight attendant had watery eyes. I closed mine. They finally stopped trying to land in New York and did an emergency landing in philadelphia.

I won’t go into the rest of the story. For that is not the point of this bit. The point is, I shouldn’t have run to make it. In that instance, I should have let things be and not pushed them.

Sometimes we push too hard and just cause turbulence in our lives.

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  1. My worst flight experience was when we had one of those quick drops and lost cabin pressure and I broke both eardrums. What a painful and equilibrium-destroying experience.


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