We are unfinished

New York is the city that never slept. Well, it was. It would like to still think that it doesn’t. However, a pandemic did hit and things did shut down. Restaurants closed at 9pm. We became tough New Yorkers eating outside in 40 degree weather. But, we did sleep.

Let me reframe. We slept fitfully. We had lucid, wild dreams. We couldn’t- meaning I- couldn’t find easy delivery at 2am.

Now, we are coming back. Streets are filling up. Stores are staying open later. We are going back to not sleeping. Well, the city. Many people may be finally getting some sleep filled with way less anxiety.

New York has always been a city of juxtapositions and term subversions. It continues to be. Where we go from here is a question mark. We have old buildings standing next to modern ones that are standing next to unfinished ones.

We are unfinished and about to embark on yet another adventurous path.

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