A gift that turned me around

I won’t lie. It’s been a difficult few months. A perfect storm of turbulent emptions, dashed hopes, and bad television. I joke somewhat on the latter. Although, I was a bit surprised when I was reading an article on what television shows might be canceled as we near the end of the tv season. I asked myself, “what tv season?” I hadn’t realized we had such a thing this past year.

We are nearing the halfway point of the year. While, I don’t feel like its been a “missing” year, it’s like it’s been a year in waiting. If that makes any sense.

Nonetheless, it has been difficult. And, while the month of May is my month, its been speeding by. I’d like to savor it just a bit more.

It is with that mindset that I opened a birthday box last weekend. The post office was a little slow. That’s ok. Its my birthday month. Keep them coming. And, in that box was a little cup that turned me around.

I am not too sure how but that cup lifted my spirits and made me feel happy. I suppose it illusttates the power of affirmation. We all look for it. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere.

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  1. SMiles MaKinG
    The World A Better

    Place is All A Play

    An Act Of


    Some Do Undertake

    No Matter Challenge

    Of DarK And Ironically

    LiGHT too For Ironically

    Truth Blinds

    Some Even



    Is Cheaper

    Than Flea Market Goods
    Off To Fly Sweet Release


    And Safe to SMiLe

    Make It Always Your
    Birthday Month You


    Do When

    You LiGHT

    A Way For A Better World🙌


  2. I don’t know you personally but having followed your blog for a few years now I can vouch for that. Yours is one of the voices I look forward to reading the most in my blog world.


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