Welcoming back the noise: The Ice Cream Truck

Back when I lived in Los Angeles, I was driven batty every day by a noise. A melody. A rhythm. Everyday the ice cream truck passed by at least twice a day. And, it always blared that ice cream tune. Boy did I want to tune it out. I never could. I always caught it. And, stayed with me.

Fast forward to 2021, a full year into a worldwide pandemic. For a while the streets were empty and quiet except for one startling sound: that of the ambulances. I used to walk to work everyday during the pandemic as I’m in healthcare. I walked 30 minutes often not hearing much. However, I did pass a small hospital emergency room block. I would quickly look and look away.

Now, we hear all sorts of sounds on the streets as they are again teeming with people. I hear the crazy end of a conversation, a kid reminding their mother of their request for rollerblades, and dogs romping about.

I also now hear the ice cream truck again. I still severely dislike that tune that keeps going and going. However, I mind it a little less than a few years ago.

How times have changed.

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