Tuning out the noise: Finding your spark and shine

In a world filled with distractions it may at times be hard to hone in on what makes you- you. What gives you a spark in life? What will push you to the next level? After being told for weeks that I needed yo do so, I finally saw the Pixar movie Soul.

And, it was as great as everyone had told me it would be. Although, admitted, I do have to rewatch it as I got a bit distracted looking up Trent Reznor’s (who did some of the music for the movie) latest work and photos. He looks nothing like he used to, by the way.

But back to the movie. Look, we all want to know what makes us tick and what we want out of life. Well, many of us do. Many of us think we know and pursue certain paths because we have talked ourselves into it. Yet sometimes you need a knock on the head to make you take stock of what motivates you. And, then contemplate how to do it?

We sometimes pigeonhole ourselves. I’ve done healthcare for so long that I could perhaps stay comfortably in it. Maybe. Others have pigeonholed me as such. Yet, I need not do that to myself as well.

Soul reminds us to live each day. It’s not a bad take home message. Both kids and adults will get a boost from this movie. Try it and try living it.

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  1. “Soul” A Movie Trailer my Sister Turned me onto A Few
    Months Ago Watching It of course A Familiar

    Human Archetype

    Arises As Usual

    The Heroes Journey

    For Everyone As they Are

    Called to An Adventure That

    Their Current CuLTuRE Whatever that

    May Be in Home, Work, School, Or Church

    Life is Diametrically Opposed to in Existing Paradigm Ways

    Of Whatever CuLTuRaL Clothes and Tools of Prison One may
    See Themselves

    Currently Found

    Yet Lost

    in So Far

    Away From What

    Fulfills The Nature of Who

    We Truly May Be Within Yes

    So The Adventure Deep Within
    Starts the Dance And Then the Sing
    We Do to Create New Pathways oF LiFE

    Out of Plato’s Cave of Before or Whatever

    Other Metaphor We May Create in Symbols

    And Totems of Life That Drive Us Forward Out
    of the Cave into New Light And Original Ways

    of Cave Art Not Seen Yet Where We Lived in

    A Cocoon Before Just Waiting to Be A

    Caterpillar’s Dream With Wings to

    Fly Higher Than Crawling on

    The Earth or Even the

    Belly of the


    We Are Restricted
    to What CuLTuRE
    Externally Spoon-Feeds
    From Plastic Bottles From Birth
    Or Glass Baby Food Jars Whatever
    The Vehicle or Vessel Whatever the Myth
    of CuLTuRE IS That is Not What Our Authentic Being
    i Am Within Wishes to FLoWeR the Most From the Seed
    Otherwise MaKinG It Into King/Queen Never Becoming A Living Tree

    Anyway yes i once Surmised From Your Chinese New Year that
    You May Be A Dozen And One or So Years Younger Than me if
    So that is the Same Age i Found My Way Out of the Cocoon to
    Soul Free Wings of Butterfly Yet It Took A Sledgehammer of Stress
    To Destroy Everything i was Like Sand Polished on the Beach to Diamond

    More than



    Made Into King/Queen
    For What i Believed
    Was the Height of My
    Tree Just a Seed in the

    Prison of What Culture Taught i other wise was
    So Yeah i Paid a Price of 66 Months of my Life
    Shut-in in Pain and Numb To No Longer Be


    After Escaping
    That 66 Month
    Cocoon A Lot Goes

    On IN A Cocoon

    That Most


    Have No Idea
    Exists at all Same
    Is True of A Butterfly With Wings

    As the Archetypal Human Hero Story Delivers Us From Evil….

    The True Evil of not Freeing Our Soul With Wings Living Tree

    Moral oF A STory After as i’ve Related Before After i Escaped

    The Cocoon And My Air Force Reserve Major Psychiatrist

    Noted That Meditative Free Dance in Flow and The same

    In Meditative Free Verse Poetry Released my Wings

    Free From All the Pain and Numb What He

    Couldn’t Do With all the Drugs he Tried

    on me And All 7 Years and 7 Months

    of Talk Therapy Up to That Point

    He Asked me What Percentage

    of Your Authentic Self Were You

    When You Were Athletic Director of
    A Military Installation Managing Information
    Technology Issues And Financial Problems of
    Your Entire Department Working for the Government

    i Raised My Hand With the Symbol of A Zero Shortly After

    That He Quit His Practice Moved to South Florida to Teach

    Movement Therapy At A Teaching Hospital And Told Me my

    Story Inspired Him to Change His Story in A New Call to Adventure too

    He Decided That the Medicine Part of Psychiatry isn’t What It’s all ‘Cracked Up’

    To Be Like Banging the Side of A Computer Forgetting This Computer Has Living Roots A Tree

    We So-Called Modern Humans Reduce All of Existence to Material Reductionism And True
    Systemizing Order Into Chaos Is What Humans Do to Reduce Anxiety too Yet There is

    A Much Bigger

    Picture to

    Find Yes

    Our Roots

    Our Leaves That

    Feed Our Soul Green

    GRoWinG Taller than What

    CuLTuRE Spoon Feeds Us to Be

    And What Do We Do After Growing ‘Sycamore Tall’

    We Shed Our Leaves Everywhere We Go to Fertilize

    Soils/Souls So Other Seeds That May Have Once Believed

    They are King and Or Queen May Find A Spark A Muse Yes

    An Inspiration Yes A Fertilizer The Leaves That Fall off Of Living

    Trees So We Will Branch Out into Our Calls Of Adventures And Become Both Leaf And Wind

    In The Christian Religion This Is Related As Reborn Yet is the Same Hero Archetype That is

    Applicable to

    All As Sadly

    That Religion

    Makes the Seed the
    Sugar Pill King And Forgets

    The Essence of the Story is Free For All
    i Listened to A Bishop Say that the Vatican
    in a ‘Counsel Meeting’ Decided that the Hindu
    And the Buddhist Will Find a Way to the Sugar Pill
    Jesus Within Even Without the Name Of The Sugar Pill too…

    True When Stories Become God We Fail to Create Our Own
    And Join Hands Free With God Nature It’s Ironic Yet That’s
    What Happens When the Seed Becomes Queen And Or King

    And Never Living
    Tree Loving Free

    For True Yes
    That Seed
    Must Die

    To Flourish
    As Caterpillar
    Moves From Cocoon to Wings

    The Whole Message is In the Seed
    The Tree Housed in the Leaves of Our Soul Living Green

    i realize this isn’t What ‘They’ Teach in Psychology and Health

    Schools And Yes My Psychiatrist Came to Realize the Same As Living Tree too…

    As i’m Sure i’ve Mentioned at One Point or Another My 3 Degrees Are In Health Science
    Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Which Includes Psychology And Anthropology As Well

    None of That Really Or the 33 Years of Work Including 25 With Federal Employment

    Really Prepared me to Find the Cocoon Escape with Wings Indeed A Very Personal

    Journey That Only Each Human Will Seek and Find Within No One in my UniVerse

    Before Outside of me Would Have Ever imagined What i would become Next Nor me

    A Totally



    A Caterpillar then…

    SMiLes It’ll be Nice to
    See What You Become Next

    Although It’s True if Blogging isn’t
    Part of it i won’t get to see it Yet that’s OK too….

    Sadly Neither of my Parents Could Understand What i Became And Other Friends too

    And That’s Okay too as Butterflies Fly Differently True When Free Flying Away With Wings…


  2. You’re the second person I follow to blog about joy this morning. Huh. Must be something in the air.

    I have joy, and a little happy dance, every time I finish a scene in the second volume of my mainstream trilogy – because, except for tiny typo corrections, I’ve done as good a job as I will, and when I come back to it from then on it is as a reader, not as someone looking to fix anything.

    I am very hard on myself (the howls of protest during editing!) until I write YAY! in my journal for finished scenes – and then it’s DONE.


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