Knee-deep in a world being depleted of dreams

Her eyes were large saucers of tears. Mostly salty with a sprinkle of oregano. She wiped at them quickly. No one could see them. No one can ever see it coming.

She thought of how we are knee-deep in a world being depleted of dreams. She didn’t want to know a world without her special ones.

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  1. Dam It i Just Couldn’t Get It Out of my Mind
    A Picture of Pizza And Spaghetti
    At An Italian Restaurant A Bottle
    of Red By Billy Joel A Song
    About Dreams Found After
    Lost Perhaps A Bottle
    of White Pills For
    Of The Cheerleaders
    And Star Football Players
    Homecoming Queens
    Where They Get Married
    Early PeaKinG Out Facing the 9 to Find
    Grind of the American Dream And Still
    Feeling A Bit Lost So Out of Touch From That
    Extra Little Magic of Life That Just Makes it all
    Forever Now Real
    If Ya Had to do it again…
    Anyway Oregano i had to ask
    my Wife What That Would Do
    In Saucer Size Eye Tears She told
    Me it Is Rather Strong And Would Really
    Hurt And i Stopped Thinking About Pizza
    And Spaghetti At the Italian Restaurant Billy
    Joel And A Bottle of Wine Yet Truly It Says It All
    Of Dreams Missing Lost Trying So Hard to
    Find Again Anyway i’m Glad my Wife
    And i are no Longer Arguing over
    (Dam the First World Problems)
    Getting A New Refrigerator i
    Want one With An Ice-maker
    (Like the One We Have Now)
    Versus A Bigger
    One She
    Wants that
    Will Fit In the Space
    And Just in the Nick of Day
    My Sister’s Partner is Very Handy
    Just Purchasing A New Starter Relay
    (to Make the Intermittent Clicking Stop)
    And Perhaps All Will Work Out Thing is
    FRiEnD Been to Hell For 66 Months from
    47 to 53 And Went to Places After that i never
    Fathomed Existed Before It’s Never too late to Color
    New Dreams Never Ever Give Up for one Day You
    May be Walking Down A City Street And a Carload of
    Young Men Who Might Have called You Girl as A Boy
    May Call You Legend When You Are Old Enough to Be Their
    Grandfather if You Started ‘That Hobby’ Young As Such Hehe
    Yet Even More
    You May
    Them Believe
    You’re Never too Old For
    Life to Be Joy for No Reason Yet to Dance Just Now Just Now
    Where It’s All Free iN A Place With No Bottles of White or Red…
    You Know What i don’t Know You at All Yet i bet i would Miss
    You if You Stopped Blogging… It’s Really Nice to Know People You don’t…
    It all
    Out So Right Hehe..
    HAha i Did Not Anticipate
    This Ending Moral of This Whole Story…
    As This Is Just Another Bar i Stop At to Play Piano
    i Got Tired of Playing All Alone So Like Any Guitar
    Dude And or Dudette i just keep moving to keep playing inspiring
    This Breath Now…
    No Different than
    The Dance
    See the
    Thing is
    Play Don’t
    Wait Play Just Play
    No Matter What Anyone
    Else Thinks or Does Just Play…
    Play Play Play Play Play Play Play SMiLes
    Dam That’s A Good Song And it Feels Better than ’77
    As i Ain’t Just Listening to the Music Now i am Playing Play Just Play…
    Do It All
    For the
    Play As
    The Play Is
    What Counts
    Most Now.. at least to me Now…
    Yes The Hardest Part is Doing it
    Even If no else in the World Wants to Play
    After You Overcome That It’s All so Dam Easy to Play..:)


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