Excelling in chaos is not thriving

I have lived in chaos for a rather long time. I may even dare to say since childhood. And, at times I say so proudly. It’s a sign of resilience in my mind. In my worldview. See, I do well in chaos.

Or so I believe or have lived accordingly. I have excelled where others might have given up. Me, I have almost always kept going. I say almost always because there are times when the smart thing is to walk away. That too can be a sign of thriving.

I tell everyone I thrive in chaos. I have always believed that. Now, I was gently told by several people that is npt necessarily thriving. Doing well in chaos doesn’t mean thriving is occuring.

Sometimes you think because one thimg id bigger that it is better. But that is not necessarily the case. Doing well in chaos is about excelling. One can handle the pressure in the moment. But what about afterwards?

I welcome your thoughts

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