Opinion versus empathy

Everyone has an opinion. Actually. That’s not necessarily true. Look at those so-called undecided voters. I actually don’t believe those existed or exist. I think they were just trying to get on television. It’s that 15 minutes of fame thing. Although now people can get three minutes of social media attention. But I digress.

For the most part people have opinions. Even about fake things that don’t exist. People camp out in a corner and opinions spew out from there.

Now empathy is something that not everybody has. Empathy entails being in someone’s shoes metaphorically but also mentally. You feel it. You don’t opine it.

Hence, when it comes to displaying intelligence you would be better off showing empathy that giving an opinion.

Thats all I have. Have a good day.

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  1. By George And Or Jack
    And Jill i Believe You
    Have Touched A Crux
    Of A Modern First
    World Problem

    Non Verbal


    Dance And
    Song Real
    Verbal And
    Non Verbal


    So Much
    More Than
    Opines of Text
    As A World Grows
    Colder By Twitter
    Size Emoji



    Share Button

    Presses Where
    Trademark Likes

    Become All That’s
    Left Of Humanity’s





    Where All
    Love Is Like or Less

    Other Than That An Opinion

    Is Worth More than An
    Empty Like That Just




    Button Press Of Love…

    Life is Ironically Interesting

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