The irony is not lost on me

Ok. Here’s this bit. We all made fun of or lightly teased Alanis Morissette for her “isn’t it ironic” song as it contained example after example of non-ironic things. Rain on your wedding day isn’t necessarily ironic. Some further context would be needed to make that determination.

However, we do all experience ironic moments. Perhaps every day. Perhaps just once in a blue moon. There was recently a pink moon, by the way. Didn’t get a chance to see it, sadly considering its my favorite color. And that was not due to any ironic situation. I was just sleepy.

Back to irony.

I have nothing in specific to write about. However, I will share this I’m living quite a momeny of irony that has befuddled and maybe made me feel guilty. Or rather, it feels like the universe’s way of handing out retribution. I believe that happens. Happens quite readily and sometimes we just have to take it. Find a way to ease our mind about it.

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  1. Irony It Happens
    All During

    My Work

    Career i Was

    So Consumed With

    Stress Yes The Autism

    Spectrum And Dealing

    With Hundreds of

    Folks A Day

    At Work

    Will Consume

    Social Capacity

    To Say Another

    Damn Word

    To Anyone After

    Work It Was Really

    Sad i Had to Dream

    My Wife Was

    Still here


    Next to

    Me i Just

    Didn’t Have

    Anything Left

    To Give it Wasn’t

    Humanly Possible

    For me Yet it’s

    True i Was

    Forced To

    Become More

    Human On The
    Autism Spectrum
    Working With Over
    100,000 Humans


    In An


    Military Environment

    After i Recovered

    And Regained







    Practice in Flow
    i Am Able to Be
    Here For Everyone

    Yes i Have A lot
    Of Super Smart
    Friends Likely


    On The



    Not Diagnosed

    i Love Being the

    One to Give

    As it’s All

    A Matter

    Of Perspective

    You Appreciate Most

    What You Do Now

    You Couldn’t Do



    Is Always

    Hope For That

    i See For others

    Too It’s Not






    Will Transform

    Into Butterflies

    Too As Curse

    Becomes Gift True😊


  2. Rolling with the punches and getting up again after they are over is a very important art that every human needs to learn. Some of us never do and we are debilitated by trauma all of our days.

    I suspect you are a master of the art.


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