Freedom from it all was within reach

She ran through the alley wondering how far her legs could take her. This was the place through which she needed to find her freedom.

She would run, hide behind blue crates, and pretend to shop. She had waited decades for this. No way she could waste this opportunity. Freedom from it all was within reach. She could smell it.

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  1. It’s True
    The Only
    Real Place We Find
    Freedom And Happiness

    Is Within

    The Rest All
    The Time, Distance,
    Space, And Matter is


    By God

    Now Even
    Science Agrees

    With Invisible

    God We All Only

    Feel And Sense Real

    Either In DarK Thru


    OF iT
    All We
    Create Heaven
    As Simple As
    The Feeling


    Of A Free Naked
    Dance Free As
    Feathers With
    Wings of

    Yes Spirit

    Wind We
    Color Within

    Yet Don’t Ask
    me How These




    On A Beach
    Without “The See Life”🌊🎼


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