Disentangling my cords at midnight

I couldn’t sleep the other night. It has been happening to me with some increasing frequency. But instead of being a couch zombie or runinator – two bad extremes- I have looked to do things. Get some tedious things done. I mean really tedious.

What did I do tonight? I disentagled cords. Electronic cords. Earphones. If it had a cord, it needed disentangling.

I had a heavy work backback filled with a mesh of cords that I was having a hard time tearing apart. Thus, at midnight I set about throwing them on the ground and taking then apart. Entangled they were useless. I was seeking usefulness at midnight. I’m not too sure that’s what happens at midnight.

What I will tell you is this. I disentagled them all. I didn’t feel all that accomplished. Further, I was still awake. Very low return on investment in this endeavor.

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  1. Oh God Yes
    Hell The Place
    Of Endless Tangled
    iPhone Wired

    Earbud Cords
    Ain’t Falling Now

    To Their “Evil Plan”

    To MAKE Me upgrade

    To Over A Hundred


    For no

    More Tangles

    Yeah Like Updates
    That Overflow


    For the

    Next Big
    Grand of
    Dollars For

    New iPhone Heaven

    True Still Won’t Go




    Hell Microsoft

    Already Met The
    Devil i KNeW Then

    Windows 8.0 Straight to

    Double H

    Head Aches🔥


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