In New Yok, you see everything. You can experience almost everything. And, with enough money you can certainly buy pretty much anything.

Thus, when walking the city streets of New York, you have to be prepared for just about everything and anything.

Yup. The other morning it looked like it had rained lobsters. There was lobster carcasses all through this one block. I’m highly allergic to shellfish. So, I was amused, petrified, and bemused. I was probably feeling a few other things as well.

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  1. Just Marveling At All
    The Spring Colors
    And So Many
    Species of
    Wildlife Eating
    All Ya Can
    Eat Sunflower
    And The Such
    Seeds At
    Squirrels Agree
    Yet get in Scuffles
    Too of Abundance
    Outside A 24 inch
    Window of Forever
    Now Nature Changing
    Off This
    27.1 Inch
    5K iMac Retina
    Screen Yep
    Says A lot
    As Prized Possessions
    To Eat Does Say Much
    In Lobster Carcasses
    All Spread
    Out in A New York
    Minute Block Side
    Walk Life
    Yes Crustaceans
    Lasting For 300 And
    More MiLLioN Years
    A Blip “A Scream”
    In A Living Screen🎩


  2. Dumping.

    Our dropkick prime minister – in a surprisingly Trumpesque act of self-aggrandisement – picked a fight with Beijing by being one of the first to demand a Covid-19 investigation. In retaliation, Beijing shut down Australian exports of barley, wine and … lobsters.

    Many Australians were anticipating a bit of luxury at heavily discounted prices. Did not happen. Luckily we have a free trade agreement with the US that allows the US to dump oranges and cherries for example here, out of season, and Australia can export wine and other agricultural products to the US.

    But that lobster carcass in your photograph looks pretty emaciated – possibly from swimming all the way from the South China Sea, up the Hudson and crawling ashore on New York streets. More likely they were dumped by the same South American country that dumps kitten lobsters slightly bigger than shrimp on our shores.
    Harvesting under- size seafood is a sure way to deplete fisheries. It is a sign of desperate times.

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