Happy April Fools: my mom just loved this day

This might seem weird to some. Bit April fool’s day makes me a little sad. It’s a day of jokes and I love pranks. Pulled one off last week on a colleague to great delight.

I got that love of pranks from my mother. She took great pleasure in planning elaborate pranks, especially on April Fool’s day. She would giggle and be so happy with herself. And, even though we knew a prank was coming she always managed to fool us. It was the best.

Thus, today I miss her pranking and I grieve a little more. But please go out and prank and find great delight in such an activity.

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  1. Ah Yes April Fred’s Day Always
    Celebrated As A Fool in Life From

    Stuttering in School As A Boy Mistaken

    For A Girl At McDonald’s At 12 Called

    Bird Legs By the Girls As Truly

    i couldn’t Leg Press

    1520 Pounds

    at 13 or 21

    or 53 or 58

    As i do Up to that Weight

    Today And True too Vickie on the

    Bus Taunted me With Chants of Look

    Look At His Eyelashes They Look Just

    Like Eyelashes of a Girl With His Green

    To Changing Blue Eyes too and Yes

    The Bully Boy Christian Thugs

    Threatened to Physically

    Assault me for

    Daring to

    Smile at the City

    Park or Even in Middle

    School Hall Ways As ‘Like Sheldon’

    Cooper Named as ‘Mr Peabody’ too

    i was so very excited about Learning all

    About the World New it just didn’t make Sense

    Not Many Other Folks Wanted to Learn All the Book

    Stuff it seemed they just wanted to compete to see who

    was the Most Popular and the Best at Sports always a competition

    To Defeat Someone

    Else and Drive

    In their Rich


    Cars with

    And Heat oh the Luxuries
    They Enjoyed Like Color TV too…

    Yes in my Middle School Year Book it seemed
    Rather Fitting as they Signed My Name to the
    Elder Lunch Lady’s Cameo Pic With Clown
    Mask With Fred at Least it isn’t the other
    F Word they Named Besides Fool

    Who Eats


    Dog Food

    Oh Lord Let me tell You

    It Didn’t end there

    Even working

    for the Military Folks

    Said Why in the World Are You So
    Nice when i mentioned i was the Manager

    They said oh that must be why.. and true i was

    So Kind to Employees and never fired anyone

    Superiors Beyond Reproach suggested i wore

    Pink Underwear to Be So Nice that way

    And True they called me so

    Soft i should Have

    Been Born

    As A Woman

    Even in my Forties too…

    Yet it’s True it didn’t Hurt too much
    as i married the Beautiful Woman Who
    at close to 51still is the Fairest American
    Indian Pacific Islander Irish American Real

    Princess in Town

    Funny how


    Folks Said

    i Stepped in Cr8p

    And managed to come up
    Smelling Like Roses Every Fall

    True the last one took a while as 66 Months
    in Hell Shut-in with the worst Pain known to
    Humankind will and it seemed they hated me

    Always for Being Smart and Having Good Luck that way…

    Yet You Know what the Only Days in my Whole Life That i literally

    Felt Like Fool as a Pejorative is when all that Stress Chronically Acutely

    Eventually took My ability to Feel And Share A Smile with anyone at all

    My HeART Died

    My Spirit No Longer Breathed

    My Soul Dived Deep into the Pits of Hell For ReaL ON Earth
    The Only Fool i for one Truly See is one that finds themselves
    Separated from Love as they Just didn’t Know How to Say No

    Before it is too

    Late and


    Abyss Night

    Souls Linger For

    Years and Months More…

    Anyway i Celebrate all those Who Did their Damndest
    And Even Succeeded in Helping to take me to Hell

    As Now i Proudly

    Make April 1st

    My Day

    As You

    Damn Straight

    The Biggest Prank is when

    The Fool Goes to Hell and gets
    Out in Heaven And Dances And

    Sings the Days and Nights Away

    Naked Holy And Sacred That

    No Real Fool Will

    Take Away

    i’ve also named

    This Day “Clown Shark Arrives”

    After that the Shark Meme took off hehe

    And “Return of the Clown Shark Part 2”

    Last Year Before So Much Deadly

    Pandemic Ignorance

    Still Brings


    to So

    Many Folks in that
    Sad Avenue oF iGNoRaNCE Still

    This Year it’s Just “Shine Inner Princess

    Master Shadow Same” As It’s the Strangest

    Thing As Soon as i Let my Inner Princess Truly

    Shine Free in Grace of Balance With Foundation of

    Love With Will And Strength Not Until then did i become

    Mostly Both the Most Loving And Strongest Dude With Will

    And Grace to Enter Any Room or Place of Life True Most


    i Master

    my Shadow

    too Not always

    Yet Most Days True

    Yes i am A Fool For Love

    Always Was Always Will be i am..

    Smiles my Mother Never Played Pranks

    Yet my Father Did Make Fun of me too

    As True When i fell down He Made

    Fun of me being in charge of

    So Many People Before

    True He Never

    Got to Supervise

    Anyone at the end and i never wanted to…

    True Then When my Only Child Ryan was in

    The Operating Room Only to Live 51 Days

    My Father Said Raise Him Like a Man

    Alluding to my Mother Didn’t

    Do A Good Enough

    Job When

    He Left

    At 3 for

    i became LoVE INSTeaD

    And True it wasn’t Until i Fully

    Released My Inner Princess that

    I became a Martial Artist No one Dares Cross

    Yet i strike no Objects i only do it to increase Grace

    of Balance removing all Fear Loving even more yeah

    It’s true i really do feel like a Man now i doubt my Father

    ever really did…

    It’s okay

    to be

    A Fool

    As Long

    As We are A Fool For Love

    True though Put Fearless

    And Love Together and

    That’s How Real Heroes are made

    i don’t mind admitting to be a Hero or A Fool

    For Love Same for At Essence That indeed is

    Who a Hero is

    As they


    Give Their

    Life to everyone else….

    True not everyone wants that

    Yet Some Folks at Least Suggest they Truly do…:)


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