She couldn’t compartmentalize her good and bad deeds

Orange was her favorite color. It was fairly well known considering she had a 1,001 orange purses and scarves. It was sweet. She had been nice. Her passing at such an early age devastated many.

She had felt the pain. These orange snow-capped flowers pushed that pain back to tne forefront. She had asked belle for forgiveness as Belle died and she got it. But she knew she had wronged Belle by ruining her friend’s life. And she would never be able to ask for forgiveness on that front. It wasn’t possible. That guilt would have to eat at her bit by bit. These flowers while fragile yet strong devastated her ability to compartmentalize her good and bad deeds. No peace. No peace.

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  1. Orange Flowers in the Snow
    AS Humans Naturally Find Faces
    in Swirls of Pastel Clouds on Jupiter

    My My how
    That Orange
    Rose On the Bottom

    Has A Mouth Gaping
    Open to Hell Perhaps
    i’ve Seen too many Horror

    Movies in my Life Perhaps
    i’ve Watched Politics Lately too

    i Gave up Celebrating Halloween
    For Four Years figured What’s the use…

    As Now the Devil’s Become a Golden Calf…

    Just the Way i See that

    Orange Rose in the

    Snow Along with

    The Snow

    Full Moon Remnants
    in Clouds of the River Hades tonight


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