Harry and meghan: Quitting for health

Most of us need a job. We need food, water, clothes and shelter. Many aspire for really good jobs where they can self-actualize. Is there really such a thing if money is always involved? Some jobs allow for professional growth. And, in conjunction personal growth. One can also grow emotionally.

I’m what’s called an extroverted introvert. I can be really outgoing and help people feel special and individualized. However, it’s taxing on me. Quite taxing. I work hard at making people feel special because its the right thing to do. Yet, becoming an extroverted introvert represented real personal growth for me. I became a rock star who is a bit of a diva when handed a microphone. It was great that I had a job that allowed me to tap into a partially hidden strength. Growing up I didn’t know I could do that. But there’s always a dark side for which one must remain vigilant.

Let’s look at the other side of things. There are jobs where things are toxic. Where people don’t want to be there and causes dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics and even disrupts productivity. There are jobs where one’s mental health is at stake. And, maybe even that of your family by association and shared living environment. Those jobs don’t deserve you. And, your loved ones don’t deserve those jobs. The toxicity bleeds out and slowly infects all in its path. It’s like a scene out of Alien.

Quitting said jobs can be tough, at times. There are bills to pay. People to feed. Trips to aspire to take. Sometimes location or hours offer a convenience. But at what mental health price? At what point does the gnswing ferling in your gut and the tapping in your brain give way? I know someone who quit because the place at which they worked overfed sodium to children in their care. I know another who quit because the nonprofit was funneling dollars into the for profit side. I know another who quit because they had stopped sleeping.

I have quit because of ethics, toxicity, lack of growth and sleep deprivation. Every place has been different. The main thing is to be able to know when. What’s your boiling point?

Prince Harry and Meghan quit. They softly quit over a year ago. Then they came out this week and said they are truly out. The tabloids were cruel to them on a number of fronts. They have one child and another on the way. No reason to put the mental health of the family at risk. Surely being a Royal has many perks: wardrobe, assistants, trips. Yet, peace of mind is everything. Or should be. And in such times and contexts quitting is getting ahead.

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  1. Sometimes you just age out – and have to leave the mess to the young uns.

    Or sick out – and never get well enough to come back to work, like me.

    It wasn’t FOR health – but because of ILL health. I’m still trying to make that silk purse out of the brain I still have. I don’t know how to quit this one, this project of the heart, even after twenty years. Still going – because there is also nothing else I can do.


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