Say it, forget it but write it, regret it

I love pop culture. Even If I do not regularly watch a television show, I know about its latest plot. I stay as up-to-date as possible. It’s good to know about pop culture as it helps in random situations and gatherings. If you hit that seven minute conversation lull, just bting up Kim Kardeshian and Kanye West. Trust me there is much to unpack there. But that is for another day.

Let’s talk about the here and now. Although I do not watch any of the Housewives reality shows, I catch tidbits here and there. One such tidbit is as follows from a New York housewife.

“Say it, forget it.”

“Write it, regret it.”

This bit of wisdom holds true both in the professional and personal realm. Watch what you say. Be even more careful what gets memorialized in writing. Of course, we all some people go around recording others. However, there are certain state laws that may hinder that. Nonetheless, maybe you should go around in the workplace thinking that people are recording you. There’s many toxic, out-to-get-you people.

In any case, do yourself a favor and watch what you write. Often, there’s no coming back from that.

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  1. Hehe Never
    Gonna Stop
    “Foot Loose”
    Or “Never Ending
    Story” Real ‘This’
    Just One More
    “Bus Stop”
    With “Forrest
    Gump” Yet You
    See It Doesn’t
    Matter What
    You Read
    While i Am
    Living This Free
    Story i Both Dance
    And Sing With Just
    One Finger in Bed
    Yawn And just
    To Think It
    Used To
    Take More
    Than One Person
    To Write A 9 MiLLioN
    Word Long Form Poem Bible
    And Public Dance
    14,505 Miles in
    90 Months Too
    More Than Half
    The Distance
    Around The
    Globe Like
    My First Psychiatrist
    Said So Cold To His
    Graduate Intern in
    His Office when i
    Fell Off The Face of
    The Earth Erased Then
    In 2008 no Longer
    Working 33 Years
    My Only Special
    Interest Before
    As i He Asked
    Me What Feelings
    The Piano Song
    i Created and
    i Couldn’t Tell
    Him As i Had
    No Words
    Hell Within
    Then My
    To Describe
    Hell On The Piano
    My Wife’s Brother
    Said It Sounded Like
    A Ghost Wandering the
    Earth Not Knowing He
    Was Dead
    So Much
    More Human
    He Was Than
    The Psychiatrist
    Who Probably Had
    Some Kind Of “Autism”
    Too As Who Turns
    Around To Their
    Graduate Assistant
    And Says “This is
    ‘Alexithymia’ We See
    It on The Autism Spectrum
    Often” like i Was Some Kind
    Of Rat In An Experiment
    With A Rare
    Disease As He
    Jested With His
    Graduate Intern
    “Uh oh Asperger’s
    Without A Special
    Not Good”
    Honestly Sitting
    There i Just Wanted
    The Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia ‘Dentist Drill’ in My Right
    Eye And Ear
    That no
    Drug would
    Touch To Go
    Away and Even though
    i Already Described it
    As infinitely Worse
    Than a Migraine
    That Was Gonna
    Still Take 66 Months
    To Go Away Wake to
    Sleep Because no one
    Could “See” it yet me
    As It Had no Label
    To Be
    Two Years Later
    Finally Finding A
    Pain Doctor With
    Knowledge And
    Tools To
    Do It
    That Was
    His Least Concern
    And Every Other Doctor
    Then until
    It Found A Label
    To Become Real
    To Them
    It’s Like
    me There’s
    No Label That
    Will Ever Work
    For me It is What
    It Is i Just
    Am Now
    i Am Enough Just Now
    With No Labels
    Of These Words
    At All Perhaps There
    Is A Lesson For i Am to see
    Now Labels Fail
    Always Fail…
    For Now At Least…


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