Just hang out with their pain

Not everything has gone horribly wrong during the pandemic. Some individuals learned new skills sets. Others discovered strengths tbey didn’t know about. Some leaned into new opportunoties and new selves.

Then there were those who couldn’t quite pivot and got a bit stuck. There are those who had unbearable pain. Pain that takes your breath away.

For many of those people, your role as a friend, colleague, or family member is not to find words of comfort and wisdom. Often there are no such thing. But what you can do is sit there with their pain. Let the pain breathe out, linger and maybe dissipate.

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  1. No Pain
    Now Lonelier
    Than Lonelier



    One Way
    To Travel

    Away From

    Pain Even

    On A 6 Inch Screen

    How Would A Real
    King Of Pain Know

    For 66



    Web Spider

    SoWinG MeSSaGE 🕷


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