A someday list

There are so many lists out there. A to-do list. A run of show list. A shopping list. There’s even a book, which I admittedly bought, called The Checklist manifesto. I myself make a rather lengthy daily to-do list with two columns: work and personal.

For a while there everyone was making a bucket list. Or so they declared. Bucket lists at the age of 30 or even 40 are creepy to me.

Then we have the “someday” lists. Those are the items we don’t put on our bucket lists but somehow hope to achieve them someday. Not a real aspirational list, to say the least. Why even bother. It’s a list that helps in compartmentalizing the brain. In that sense it is useful. But “someday” just seems so defeatist. But also pragmatic.

I don’t have a someday list. Or at least not one that I have processed as so. I have my daily lists that are very much in the moment. I don’t think I can even process a someday list right now. Who is to say how things will be in a month? Or even tomorrow? Maybe someday I will make a someday list that isn’t self defeating and instead demonstrates a new sense of hope.

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  1. Well, if anything list are a reminder of what we suppose to take care, at least idealistically, but if not follow by a practice, and not just the act of putting into effect, but more like a monk as a daily practice, or discipline, who he needs to attend and fulfill, daily if he feels it, or not, and even some suffer acedia, at one time.
    Then the benefit of that practice it will show eventually on our lives, the list is just a wishful reminder to get into action. 🙂


  2. I have my “to do” lists for work and home, but, I’ve tightened up my “vision board.” It was full of bight and shiny dreams that I doubt would have made me happy. COVID has brought me in to the here and now. My vision boards now are for today.


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