My weighted blanket comforts me

I am someone who loves heat. Love hot weather. Although, admittedly, at 95 degrees I start to develop a heat rash. Actually, at 88 degrees. Even so, I like heat. I figure I can always wear less layers. Meanwhile, I get hives in the cold and I hate being the marshmallow man all puffy with seven layers.

This year has been a rough one. Covid. Deaths. Curfews. Riots. Sickness. Sadness.

There were times where I just needed to lay down mid evening in a very hot room and sleep into a paradise dream. I randomly one night ordered a weighted blanket on Amazon. Ok. Let me admit something here. I order many random things on Amazon at midnight. My witching hour. So, a weighted blanket arrived one day. I fell in love with it immediately. I turned up the heat and got underneath my blanket and fell into a nice sleep. I was comforted by this heavy hot weight. I felt enveloped in warmth and safety. It truly epitomizes the concept of a security blanket. And, how I wish I could take it with me everwhere. Alas, it is too heavy to do so.

It is a good tjing, though, that I miss my blanket during the day. I look forward to that bit of comfort. I take a bath, a weighted nap and awakem refreshed to tackle some more of these heavy never-ending problems.

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