Wonder Woman: Movies, where are thou?

I have always loved the movies and pop culture overall. It was my world of escape from the everyday doldrums of growing up in the Bronx. I even used to throw Oscars parties. Then came a time, I willingly stopped going to the movies. I had a baby and I just was not “feeling” it. That was fine. I was fairly preoccupied. Then a few backs I went back to the movies and started feeling it all over again. I looked forward to the arthouse movies as well as the big franchise, blockbuster ones. Although, some were still so unbelievably bad such as Valerian and Dark Phoenix.

When Wonder Woman came out in 2017, I strongly felt it was robbed of Oscar recognition. I couldn’t wait, for once, for its sequel to come out. I waited and waited. Covid put a damper on things. No major theatrical releases. No Wonder Woman on the big screen.

As a result a couple of major things will be different about the 2021 Oscars in the wake of the pandemic. All films released in 2020 are eligible regardless of whether they received a theatrical release or not, because major theaters were closed for much of the year. so, anything goes. Problem for me is that I couldn’t care to watch movies on Netflix, or Prime, or Hulu. I ended up watching serial television such as the Queens Gambit and the Morning Show. Both were excellent by the way.

Yet, on Christmas day I did get excited for Wonder Woman 1984 (WW 1984). Sure, it was in my living room. But her gold costume still shone brightly. Yet, (spoiler alert) her learning to fly left me unsettled. Why do that and get an invisible plane at the same time. And, more importantly where was 1984 in the movie? Where was Orwell and where was Duran Duran? Despite some flaws, it was nice to end the year with Wonder Woman. Only wish she could have used her superpowers to vanquish Covid.

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  1. i Suppose A Distant

    Echo of Wonder ‘Woman


    A Dig

    On Today

    Of State TV

    And Double



    Up is Down

    And Invitations

    To Hell Are Willingly

    Accepted Unmasked

    On 5th Avenue

    F a il l i n g…

    When the



    End When

    The Books



    Real Heroes Arise

    Yet They Don’t

    Wear Atomic Bombs

    Or Fly On Magic Carpet Books

    Or Perhaps they Do Who am i to Judge…

    It Seems

    Not Enough



    Attention to the

    Lessons Art Brings

    Otherwise The HiStory

    of Fiction Will Not Be Repeating As Reality Now..

    i’m Sure Folks Will Be Way too Exhausted to Watch

    Another ‘Minion Movie’ Out of that Series of Current Reality too..



    Not All

    Folks As

    Some Folks

    Just Never Get Tired

    Of Playing Their Played

    Part in Someone Else’s Play..:)


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