Running for spackle: Don’t give up

Today, is the long-awaited (perhaps dreaded) election day in the United States. And, I am going to share a random story. Seemingly so. I tend to digress much a story about spackle is just right for today. Yes, spackle. That goey thing you use to fill up holes in the way. Those holes you mistakenly created throughout the course of everyday living.

A few weeks back, I moved from one apartment to another in my same New York City building. I got a fabulous deal. Sadly, my deal came about due to people leaving the city in response to Covid. I had to quickly move from one day to another. Well three days in actuality. I packed up quickly. I disassembled what I could. I hired a building person to help me move. It all came together in a New York minute. It’s how we roll.

My friend flew out to help me move. It’s unbelieve how much a support system can help one get through things. As we emptied out one apartment and filled the other, I had to the down the artwork. And, I have a lot of artwork. Some were very heavy pieces. Almost all left some holes in the wall. And, I wanted my security deposit back. I had no choice but to hunt for spackle.

Off we we went to have a meal and grab some spackle. It was early in the aftetnoon. Yet, these are covid times. After we ate we quickly searched for the nearest hardware story. I mistakenly read it would close at 4:30pm. It was 3:40pm. I thought we had plenty of time. We looked at tne pretty brownstones and listened to some free music along the way. At 3:55pm, I decided to check the store’s website again . Lo and behold, it was closing at 4pm.

We had to decide whether to run for it or go elsewhere in a completely different direction. We decided to run and go for it. We ran for more than eight blocks. We made it to the store at 4:02pm. They were closed. I felt defeated. My friend knocked on their door and begged them to open. They opened the door slightly to tell us they were closed. They then went back inside. My friend kept knocking. She ended up begging three of them to open. Eventually one did and let us in if we agreed to use credit card and be out in less than five minutes. I blindly grabbed one of the largest, unnecessary so, buckets of spackle. We explained we had holes to fill asap to get my money back. They rung us up and wished us luck. We thanked them profusely.

We left feeling giddy. We didn’t give up. It seemed impossible at first. But we kept knocking and didn’t leave without a yes. We kept up our hope and belief we could get this spackle. And, we did. That’s all I’ve got today.

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  1. My Wife And
    Niece Just
    Our Whole
    Home.. Yes
    As Usual
    i Watched
    And Talked
    So Enthused
    Still As i Didn’t Speak
    Until 4 And only
    Had ‘Two Words’
    To say to
    Others In
    My Career
    Like Enough…

    Like Something

    Was MiSSinG

    Then.. Hmm…




    The Job

    Done I’M Still

    Breathing Even

    Still Talking Now

    As the

    Meek Inherit

    The Earth


    On The

    Life Gained

    Poor Not

    Be ‘Fore🔥iN Fire

    In This Way A Pandemic

    May Be Healthy



    See The
    Fire And Escape☔️


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