Distance doesn’t seperate people; silence does

Everyone is in need of a form of connection. Well, maybe not everyone. There are those happily removed from everyone and everything. But for the most part people desire and even crave a connection. During pandemic times, even moreso.

The holiday season is starting up. Well, I already saw Christmas decorations before Halloween. People are going to be really excited about the possible warmth and glow from the holidays or they will be severely depressed because the holidays just cannot be all encompassing. Considerations around social distancing, masking, and traveling from location to another add many complications to the holidays. It’s not as if the holidays in the past have been a piece of cake. Many people, before the pandemic, dreaded the holidays. But now, it’s an extreme emotional rollercoaster of chaos.

Yet, in all this, I just want to remind us all that distance doesn’t seperate people; silence does.

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  1. SMiLes i Decorate
    myself With
    To Dance in
    Stores in my
    Own Tradition
    Since Last Year
    Starting the Day
    After Halloween 11.1
    Not Buying or
    Selling Anything
    Just Smiles
    Or Frowns
    A Litmus
    Still Breathing🍃🎄
    The Rest of
    The Year
    i Just
    To Light
    News Colors
    Of My Tree Every
    Step Dance Every
    Word Song
    A New
    Tree Breathing
    Another Color Now🎄


  2. Yesterday I was on a phone call with a dear friend. She was really depressed and feeling lonely even if she lives with her mom and siblings during quarantine. It’s sad that there is also silence in our own homes a place where people should support each other. It’s a good thing now that we can call and give each other messages in an instant


  3. So much silence masquarading as connection only because of being under the same ceiling. And how odd to feel closer to others a full continent away because conversation dives into our feelings and thoughts.


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