That awesomely happy gif girl

People are looking for happiness these days. Craving it. In deep need. There is the best GIF that will mske anyone smile.

When you see the absolute joy on this little girl’s face, you cannot help but feel happiness. I love her pure joy and the fact that she looks like she could be my child. But the point here is that a smile can be contagious. Joy can be contagious. Spread joy.

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  1. Joy is the Smile on A Child’s Face
    That Never Ages From Birth
    Or Last Breath
    From: A Love
    F L O W E RinG
    to: Well Seeding
    A Lesson Yes my
    Great Aunt Jettie
    Taught me at 94
    When i was 47
    And All
    IS Modern
    Society Erased
    Then All My Soul And
    Even A Memory of the
    Feeling of a Smile then..
    i didn’t even have Feeling Enough Within
    then to Complete A Sentence Yet Her Smile
    A Spirit Taller than all the Military Dudes then
    in the Gym Carried Her Through Hours of
    Poetic Conversation Delivered by Her Song
    Then Through
    The Force
    of the
    Soul Yet
    Bent Over Crooked
    About as Tall As Yoda
    But With Walker to take
    Just one step yet she
    Still had a 5 pound
    Dumbbell She
    Day Almost
    Blind as She Was
    too for all i wanted forever
    then now is Just one Smile
    Great Aunt Jettie Still Breathes
    Then at 94 A Soul Never Ending
    The Eternal Child Breathing As She
    Full of Wonder Only Seeing Death
    As A Wonder Door of a Next Great
    Adventure to Participate in Free…

    Before i became


    At Work As


    ‘Over’ So Many Folks
    Second From the Very Top
    Glued to a Business screen then…

    Most of what i did is Just Smile at Customers
    As A Federal Employee in A Bowling Center
    Serving Rental Shoes Sanitizing them ‘Masked’
    As All Should Do today for Great Health too now
    They Returned the Smile Life Was Enough then

    And is now too

    As Again My

    Only Job is Smiling

    And Occasionally i Bring
    A Different View into ‘THeiR’ UNiVeRSE too..

    Effortless It ALL IS As A Smile And Even though
    the Pandemic Reduces my Ability to Create Smiles
    in Others in the Flesh And Blood World Oh the Memories
    Technology Provides to Carry on Smiles Forevermore now

    It’s Worth Noting
    in Over 2000 Photos
    Like this Happily Married
    as i am i never approached
    Anyone to ask for a Dance

    All i did
    is Smile

    And No Different
    than the Military Bowling
    Center Those Smiles Came Back to me again…

    What Lessons did i provide the Youth at Close
    to 60.. Yes.. the Same Lesson Great Aunt Jettie Yoda

    Still Provides me…

    A Smile
    is the





    We aRe to Give

    to the World Free…

    Nothing Will Stop my Smile

    Now with a little Help From Geeks
    And Nerds and Drones with No Expressions
    At All Building the Highway to Heaven at least to VieW oNce in Life…


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