The truth was in one of these spaces

The clock was ticking. The weight on her shoulder heavy. There just was not enough time to get everything done. But she knew there was no choice. They had to find the truth. It was in one of these spaces.

They had to find the small satchel. It contained the codes they needed to open the vault. It contained the answers they had been searching for ever since they found out they contained the coveted green blood. They needed to know how to use their power. And, hopefully for good. What was their truth?

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  1. Truth is Yuck
    We Have to
    Set the
    The Reality
    Is There is
    Only Now
    With Spices
    Of Sun And
    Moon And All
    These Rainbow
    Colors Within
    So How’s
    i Hope Dreams
    Breathe Voila
    Secret Space
    Opens Plays🐿


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