Old school NYC: Pickles

I can easily eat pickles as a snack and feel full and content. I never understood why pickles were considered a pregnant woman’s craving. I eat them all the time. Salt. Brine. Yum. And during these pandemic times, I’ve gotten even more into pickles. It’s comfort food I suppose. And, who doesn’t need comfort food during these times?

In that vein, I went hunting for pickles. Foraging in the big apple for some quality pickles. And New Yorkers love their pickles. They are a staple for us. I suppose pickles bring comfort to others as well.

Hence, I ended up at an old school New York City store that sells a variety of pickled items. It’s a pickle lover’s dream.

Green sour pickles in an orange barrel. It really doesn’t get more New York than that. And, I can now relish in grand pickle delight for the next week. Not a bad way to start off the week.

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  1. If No one liked Pickles
    The Economy Fails Now
    Yet The Same Folks That
    Value Economy over
    Life Expect Folks
    To Behave Like
    Them Anyway
    Of Pickles
    Enjoy the Sour
    Pleasure making
    The Rest of Life
    In Your
    Pickle Pleasure🍕

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  2. I see I wasn’t the only one who thought of “Crossing Delancey”. I used to be a totally deli dill pickles person, but after living in the South for the last 15 years, I developed a taste for the slightly sweeter bread n’ butter style. Another Southern staple, pimento cheese, however, is one of the few tastes, besides olives, that I truly detest!


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