Moving in the midst of a pandemic

I have lived in 22 cities. I’ve moved around a lot. And, that is an understatement. Just in the city of Los Angeles alone I lived in four places. Moving, no matter what, is stressful. Leave it to me, to move apartments during a pandemic. Why not? Having to wear masks while carrying boxes is not much fun. Thinking of how to grab and sanitize plastics and metals is not much fun.

Moving during the pandemic wasn’t stressful just because of the masks. It was stressful because I was taking a gamble. I went for another apartment in the same building. I got another one year lease. One year! What will next year be like? We have no more mental anchors and beliefs that new years can bring relief. We are certainly hopeful. We have to be to some certain extent. I don’t think we could get through the rest of 2020 without believing next year has to be better.

My move also encapsulates what is happening in New York city. I moved because I got a good deal. People are leaving the city. Building managers are desperate to hold onto their current tenants. I got a fantastic deal on a larger apartment. Which for the rest of the United States is not that large. But that is a whole other story.

I will cettainly not forget this move and all that it represents. This is my fifth place in two years. Here’s hoping to less chaos and a sense of rootedness next year.

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  1. Best wishes for your move. I’m sure once you’re settled, you’ll love it.
    And, of course, best wishes for the year ro come.


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  3. The advantage to moving is getting rid of junk we don’t need. I am sure you do not have any excess “stuff” with all your moves. I on the other hand , need to move more often!


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