Be as good a person as your dog thinks you are

I’m a dog person. I love doggy hugs, kisses, and floppiness (yes, that may be a made up word). Dogs want your love and snacks. They love their walks. Well, mine loves his walks but is a total spaz on them. Thus, he makes me think twice about the walks. However, it’s part of his charm.

Dogs supposedly love you unconditionally. I think, most of us dog owners, have felt that love. It fills our hearts. It’s why so many of us have dogs. We can more readily rely on our dog’s love than that of others. I’m not trying to sound like a curmudgeon. I’m just praising dogs.

That unconditional love they show us, however, should be respected and earned. Further, their unconditional love may suggest they think highly of their human. Our fur babies think we are the greatest human around. And, we should in turn strive to be so. Be the good person that your dog believes you to be.

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  1. SMiLes i used to be
    A Dog Person
    Only Real
    Friend in
    Middle School
    Other Than Mother
    And Sister it hurt
    Too Much When
    Charlie unexpectedly
    And Suddenly
    Went Away
    He Escaped the
    Fence Trying to Greet
    Me At The Bus Stop
    Vicki Was Taunting
    Me making Fun
    Of my
    Saying Look
    At Him He Looks
    Like A Girl the Christian
    Boy Marching Soldiers
    Threatened to Harm
    Me For Just
    To Smile
    AnyWay Looking
    Out the Window
    Of the Bus Charlie
    Laying on the Side
    Of The Road
    Never Coming
    Back i Cried i
    Pain Hoping
    He didn’t Suffer
    Long so i Became
    A Cat Person After
    That And When it was
    Time For Yellow Boy
    To Go away
    In His
    Last Days
    To Take A Breath
    On My Chest Laying
    In Bed He Trusted
    Me With All His
    Life And As
    i Saved This
    Feral Cat From
    Starving in the Woods
    And He Taught me
    The Naked
    Call of
    The Wild
    Free That
    Also Cares
    In Bonds of
    Fur and Fur Free
    We Paid to have
    Him go Under like
    Surgery so
    All he
    To Do is Go
    To Sleep and
    Not Feel Any
    Struggle at
    All For It’s True
    True Love Doesn’t
    Hold on When the
    Suffering of Others
    Will Be Cured and Then
    My Mother the Doctor
    Said Most Folks only
    Last 3 Days Starving
    And Thirsting
    To Death
    In Hospice Care
    The only Reason
    He Said Helen Suffered
    8 Days to Go away
    Was Because
    Of Her Strong
    Heart Like our
    Son Ryan Who Never
    Smiled Through
    Almost Every
    Kept Alive
    For 51 Days
    Just only
    Pain But it’s
    True Modern
    His Soul
    On Earth in
    Pain 51 Days
    They All Knew
    He was Gonna
    Die From the
    Just life too
    In Suffering now
    But You See i am
    ‘Greater than the
    Pope and God’
    For i Would Neither
    Allow My Mother
    To Be Raped
    In The
    Of the
    Night or
    Crucify my
    Son as just for
    A Split Second
    As My Mother
    Couldn’t have
    A Drop of
    On her
    Tongue on
    The 8th Day
    i thought
    How Much
    More Caring
    That Bus
    Was that
    Ran over
    Charlie That
    Day it’s true
    Real God’s
    The Lies
    In Organized
    TRumP God Deceit…👿


  2. I love that title! I have 4 huge dogs, and they, without fail, greet me at the door, evetyday, happy to see me, happy to show me their toys. And they never complain, or at least I don’t think so – although my Husky has a lot to tell me when I come through that door.!!


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