I can see it written in the water

I can float

I can drown

I can swim against the current

I can be submerged

I can be soothed

I can be cleansed

I can be reminded of the coldness

I can find the pristine

I can dip into the muddy parts

I can drink it

I can reach for the well

I can seek my reflection

I can be soaked with emotion

I can see it written in the water

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  1. OMG Drowning
    In Creativity
    Too much
    To Even
    Post Now
    Bands of
    Arms Expanding
    Out So Far i Even
    Missed a Post of
    Yours meh.. Like
    The Rain
    i Eventually
    Return Coverall
    Now if i Will
    Find it
    In me
    To PosT AGaiN
    OMG Such
    Issues 😜


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