The next few weeks will be crucial for our NYC restaurants

The past week, despite the brisk fall air, I’ve gone to eat out and enjoy what the New York City has to offer. I’ve been incredibly saddened, however, to come across empty store front after empty store front. The small businesses are getting hammered. New York is supposed to be where you go to give it your own and make it. The next few weeks will be crucial.

I’ll continue to try to support these businesses with the hope we can turn this around.

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  1. Here in Toronto our restaurants and bars have shut down again. Today is Thanksgiving in Canada and instead of the traditional turkey we’ve decided to order a meal from a restaurant down the street to help support our local businesses.


  2. A generally solemn, somewhat abandoned, look on the “faces” of densely populated cities everywhere in the world. The positive thing is that the human race (and animals under our care) continues to hope and thrive, relentlessly, with hope. Just my personal thought. Thank you for sharing NY, a great city.


  3. Sad Yep Used to Be Going to Restaurants the More
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    Saving Lives
    As Much As
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    In Business Ways
    Seeing Sanctity
    Of Lives
    Just Politics
    Of Apathetic Nothing…

    Of Course if
    We Really
    Cared About
    Each Other
    In Cohesive
    Asian Masks
    Of Love Together
    Who Knows
    God Could
    Come Back
    For Real Here
    As Love And Kick the
    Covid-19 Habit Away



    To Free

    Again US⛵️


  4. We have a similar situation here . In our small town my favorite fish and chip place is closing in November. They have been doing a good business with take away which we have supported but I think that the future is looking a bit bleak so they are closing. I am so sad! Their fish is the BEST!


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