A walking smorgasbord of contradictory emotions

She woke up early anticipating what was to come. She knew sge was blinded ny love, hate, fear, and hope. She was a walking smorgasbord of contradictory emotions. Her heart was all rapid palpitations.

She had no way of calming her heart. She just had to keep walking in light towards some goal. She just needed to pierce the veil further and keep moving. She couldn’t sit. Just couldn’t.

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  1. People i Love Dying
    Evil Getting Sick
    Friends Doing
    What i Never
    Fathomed they
    Would Do next
    After Being Predictable
    So Long it’s Been A
    Challenging Week
    And Although
    My Soul Remains
    As Calm As A Breeze
    Indeed My Apple
    Nike Watch Doesn’t
    Lie With Heart
    And Heart
    Rate that
    Stays At
    160 At rest
    After Exercising
    Is it Somatic
    Or Real
    This Week
    It Returned
    For A Visit
    Perhaps A
    To do Nothing
    But me And
    Aren’t FRiEnDS
    So i took a Long
    Walk to No Where
    By Myself and
    My Heart
    The thank
    You what
    Is when There
    Is No Where Left
    To rest a HeART
    In Sanctity
    My other
    Blessed this way…
    A Within Game to
    In deed
    Or Perhaps
    It’s Just Heart
    Damage from
    That 2 Month
    Winter Flu that
    Just Refused to
    Go away with


    Name then…


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