I’m out of charge

Everyday to work, I carry a cute backpack where I have my laptop and about 1,000 chargers. Well, I exaggerate a wee bit. However, I do carry an extraordinary number of chargers as well as electronic devices. Always need to be connected to something. I carry my laptop, two cell phones, ipod, wireless earphones and charging battery. They all need chargers. Hence, my heavy bag.

Anyway, I hit that point the other day where every device I had ran out of charge. I had no idea how that happened as I am one of those charge-obsessed people. I plug in wherever I can. I go into a new space and I tend to scan for outlets. I am always on it. Yet, I managed to run out of charge. On everything.

On such a day, I obviously was beyond busy and super distracted. Or perhaps super focused.

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  1. Dopamine
    All the Screens
    We aRe Connected
    to True a Human Text
    Kindly Human May Raise
    Levels of Oxytocin too.. So
    Very Important to Pursue more
    Than Just Dopamine Dopamine
    Dopamine or Serotonin May Surely
    Fall too
    Are the Balance
    Online Brings
    of Course if
    One is a Cat Person
    Yet Better to Have a Source
    of Oxytocin in the Home Like
    A Dog too or Even A Child oh
    The Warm Part of Parenting too..
    Or True Be
    A Child
    As they
    Their Own Warm
    And Comfies With Stuff Animal
    Love… Best oF All Rid Yourself of
    All Cultural Clothes.. Yes all of them
    Just Naked Dancing Free in Sand And
    Sun Next thing Ya know and feel and sense
    Ya realize You are Truly The Beach butt Yes..
    i realize
    to do Outside
    in a New York
    Minute in a Skyscraper
    So yes Do Stay connected
    to all the Screens to Stay Alive
    Butt Do
    All of You
    All the Way
    From Head to Toe
    For True i do believe otherwise
    it may become difficult to ReMeMBeR
    We aRe Born Free Naked to Do this
    All On Our Own Hand-In-Hand Free
    for Just another Day of Foraging Bliss…

    To Breathe

    To Be

    i Am

    Just As We aRe..:)


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