Oh the elevator in pandemic times

The guy blocked me. He was exasperated. He was flustered. He was annoying. Although, as I will note everyone has a different comfort level regarding covid and possible covid exposure. I get that completely and I try very hard to be respectful. I work in healthcare and thus am constantly vigilant regarding different situations.

Two months back, getting into my building was quite a chore and effort. The lines you see that form for Trader Joe’s existed to get into my building’s elevators. We have over 40 floors. And back then, New York was the covid-19 epicenter. We had rules regarding elevator use. It was one person at a time in a 40 floor building. You can imagine how that went. One night I arrived to my building exhausted but had to wait in a line out the door to get into my apartment. But we did what we needed to. We still are. To a point.

New York is no longer the epicenter. We are at just 1% positivity rate. We are grateful, happy, and determined. But many rules have been relaxed. We still can’t go to indoor movie theatres. And, we still can’t do indoor dining. However, we can now thankfully ride more than one at a time in an elevator.

Funny enough, the other night was a slight wait and line for the elevator. It happens. We are more than 40 floors and even if you can have two people it still will take time and patience. In front of me was a man who rushed to the elevator when it opened. I then went to follow as most of us now do two at a time in the elevator. When I got to the elevator, he completely blocked me and sneered at me. I was taken back. I would completely walk away with no problem if he had just noted that he wasn’t comfortable with two of us in the elevator. I didn’t, however, get the drama including the sneering. It just seemed so rude. And, I wondered what was the point of that.

People’s anxieties are ramped up all the way. I get that. However, I wonder if we can try just a little to still be a little polite.

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  1. I think he was a bully and got off on exerting his power over another person. If you were a 6’4″ linebacker I think his behavior would have been different. Or maybe just another guy who wouldn’t put up with that jazz.

    I am seeing examples of power being exerted for the joy of exerting power all across our culutre right now.


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