What would be your random advice?

Everyday I give advice. Perhaps better described as guidance. Everyday someone tries to give me advice. Sometimes unsolicited. People try to get in my good graces or show how smart they are. Then I also end up talking to strangers who have all sorts of supposed good advice. Well, it’s not really me talking to them. For some reason random strangers come and talk to me. It happens all the time. They don’t just talk. They go all in for deep, intimate conversations. I must have some intriguing, enticing scent that draws talkative people to me. But more on that some other day. Well, not exactly.

I was wondering the other day, as I sat in a medical waiting room with an extremely talkative stranger, what sorts of pieces of advice I could give out. And, I actually meant random, unsolicited advice.

I could go up to a young lady and advise her to consider good low-key nicknames that could propel her to future success. Names matter. Somewhat. Or I could go to a kid and advise him do both baseball and soccer here on after. I have my reasons for picking those two together. I would also advise anyone to give themselves a daily treat. Mine is a bath. I do it everyday. Sometimes with bubbles. Other times with epson salt. Occasionally I use fizz balls. Sadly, those fizz balls are not all that exciting.

I find it fun to occasionally be totally random. I like to throw people off. I also find it hilarious to offer random pieces of advice. You never know who may need to hear it.

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  1. Random advice
    1. Check out your partner’s parents – one day your partner will turn into one of them. And if that’s a scary thought, bail out quickly before it’s too late.
    2. Even more random – if that’s even possible – Punt high and follow on.

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  2. SMiLes Happiness
    Doesn’t Come From
    The Part of The Mind
    That Generates Our
    Modern Standard
    Quotient of
    Having Little to
    Nothing To Do
    With Peace of Mind
    And Happiness When
    i Finally Got SmART
    Enough To
    This Out
    i Spend The
    Rest of My Life
    Losing My Mind…
    Parts of it Anyway…
    i Don’t Advise this
    If Money is Any Issue..
    The Real Driver
    Standard IQ..;)


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